Make Money From DogePool Website

Make Money

1. Start with Dogecoin

Even before I learnt the business law of Dogecoin, I had an idea to generate revenue. With relatively small amounts and minimal marketing, Dogecoin has only grown slightly. The site is primarily graphical user interface. With the right conversion rate, Dogecoin hits 4,000 BTC within few days.

My first moment of inspiration for a crypto-millionaire comes and goes when someone walks past my doorstep holding #dogecoin

As someone who talks a lot about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc., I am always curious as to why Reddit post “I Now Have More Money Than The Grinch”

In writing this article, I have to look at many business laws and trademark laws.

Let’s see if what I found there works and achieve my million. Here’s how it works.

2. Create a free site

The first thing to do is to create a web page. Create a domain name and create the backend (in the form of an API endpoint)

Earning Website

Within some 3–5 minutes, you will have a “mobile-friendly” website which will have a Doge code base if you wish. Use this web page to take money from people who like Doge. If your target market is women who know Doge, you could start at the top of your subject title of your website: “Dogepool”.

3. Create a newsletter

Online Earning

that your web page is free, you need to get ads on your website.

It’s extremely helpful to give a monthly newsletter as a kind of mini-tour de force. You can even give details of your website and email in your newsletter. You can also introduce children to doge by inviting them to play with doge toys. This will become an influencer marketing process, and will increase the number of people who visit your website. Create a newsletter or interactive schedule for 80–100 times a month.

4. Start the dogepool website

Dogepool is the perfect online micro-business. Start by adding two code bases on your web page. Put one code base on your newsletter and one code base on the Dogepool webEarning

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Creat FaucetPay Account

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