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Taking on a career as a teacher, a developer, a manager, a researcher, or anyone else taking off as a business

seems to be the “easiest path” once you look at the high level numbers and even more staggering salaries being paid in the world of business.

But it’s almost always a quite disappointing twist of the truth. Becoming a manager can come with a pretty good financial advantage, especially when you have thousands of dollars with money paid for training, making surveys, and other easier ways to interview. But to be a manager, you have to be able to think in the long term about the problem.

But I still don’t consider myself to be a business person, at least as far as full-time employees are concerned. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I live in an expensive city like London? Or maybe it’s because I had to stay at home, seeing little to no income or the occasional lower income in my future from a teaching career.

But money isn’t the only thing that I have to manage, because I am always working for a grade, for either my students or my bosses. It’s very hard to manage all these different things at once, so I ended up job hunting for like 3 months, but I didn’t find a job that I loved at all and stayed where I was pretty miserable.

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That’s the point I’ve decided to make as my first business venture. No, no, no—it’s not opening my own business! How much time do you think I would have to spend running my own business. Just being a teacher, being able to manipulate numbers, and being able to catch students’ attention, has to be quite relaxing! Isn’t it?

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