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Online Earning is developing an online platform aimed at increasing technology use and adoption in Pakistan. To implement such a system, tech industry has to cooperate with some platform companies.

The main aim of is to cover the following marketing plan: marketing, law, health, finance, health tech, regulations, legal, security, and tech administration. Each marketing plan will be published in the official website. Likewise, every report of will be launched on each website of the company.

Tech Marketing Plan For Pakistan

The aim of marketing any system, product, service, initiative, or service is to disseminate the benefits and bring down the price. The Company has to make marketing plan according to Pakistan issues. The total marketing plan will be published on Website for Pakistan.

Customer-Sponsored Project As Geared To Pakistani Small Medium Enterprises As Pacing back to 2016, Company has increased the internet connection speed to 60 Mbps in Pakistan. Thus, they raised 500 million Dollars to update Pakistan with power produced by 1,000 MWs, thus, local designers are able to create unique accessories and beauty products.

The purpose of listing should be to promote as well as the country. The chief marketing manager has already signed up with some big brands. For example, local NGO Hibertus has launched a “social media marketing campaign” to highlight Pakistan’s Kharaknessa. The situation faced by Pakistan every day is beneficial for every business, so Pakistan and Hibertus corporation are working together to help people benefit from their donation.

Infrastructure Program


The overall quality of telecom service is mentioned at the website. has supported hospitals by upgrading telecom service to internet speed of 63 Mbps. The company has ensured the safety of all valuable products.

Legal Review website is accessible but not in operation yet. However, the company has offered proof of having a regulatory approval. The main aim of marketing plan in Pakistan is to appear in the website, which is a very important idea. The main aim of marketing plan will be listed on the website to attract more subscribers.

Regulation Review

The legal issue at the company with serving court docket for real estate is mentioned by Company. Moreover, the company has already registered the website in the country and filed the necessary documents. The company has given a long-term plan to produce any type of property after paying the construction documents up front

Artificial Intelligence Report Company has already discussed the importance of artificial intelligence on Pakistan to ensure the industry. A good example of artificial intelligence is Facebook Messenger. The social media giant has its own keystroke identification system for users. The automated system has been utilized by over 70 million users on Facebook Messenger.

The Industry Focus: Hot Topics Pakistan Technology. The future of Pakistan technology is about the adoption of new technologies in the near future. The general perception is high on artificial intelligence as well. As mentioned in the website, Pakistan has already upgraded the internet speeds up to 63 Mbps.

The regulatory proposal is shown on website. Along with defining the key regulatory requirements for technology companies, it also comprises about the regulator’s proposed regulatory framework for Pakistan-based IT companies. The aim of marketing report in Pakistan is to present that Pakistan has already upgraded the internet speeds up to 63 Mbps. The Pakistan government has proposed the draft law, which would introduce technological industry in Pakistan. The regulatory framework will include:


Digital Ratings

Regulating Practices

Security Requirements

PRODUCT and SERVICE The overall reputation and marketing plan is displayed on website. It states that the company has given free internet connection to local hospitals, which is a positive gesture. The customers should purchase the premium feature and softwares.

The strategic changes are listed on website. Thus, the company has also introduced variety of software from different vendors to meet the needs of customers. The company announced to make public the details of its results within 45 days after filing the yearly report. The prime objective of marketing plan is to increase the customer base, gains the greater profit.

Joining Link Company has launched a new website in Pakistan, as it will attract new subscribers from the starting day. The company is registered with the national regulator with complying up with some of the major rule and policies at present. The company even filed a minor concern with the local authorities for making regulatory scheme of Pakistan effective.

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