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I want to prove I know a number of things and the majority of the time they’re very impressive. Who didn’t know how to run a website or drive a car? Who says learning is for wimps? Every day I take advantage of the many talents I have and don’t worry, I don’t get paid to be an exceptional person but I do get paid to prove my talent and write lots of things that I write without thinking. The trouble is, I am working off of writers’ checks and freelancers. While not so important compared to resources like GitHub, I don’t want to leave anyone hanging in any way (that includes myself). I’m feeling the urge to prove I’m worth it all but the only way to do that is when I can put money in my pocket and control it. That’s where a website comes in.

I’m certainly an artist with a far more powerful marketing eye than those who think they’re better than the ones writing blogs than I am but until this point, I have never found myself in the position where I can tell I can add value. It all started when I was looking for a solution to blogging, I already know that no matter how good a logo looks, you just can’t write, edit, or design anything without a team of copy editors and high-end website designers. But when I learned that it was a giant overhead investment I understood a lot more about how to do the content creation on a budget while keeping all the constraints of web development. I haven’t realized this with any other startup company so far but the ultimate goal is to make money so that I can make myself a successful brand.

Now it’s time to find the key to a successful blogging career. In this article, I will take a look at just how you can create an authentic website on a budget. Here are just a few tips you might not know:


The more you do it the more you learn about all the different things you’re doing. What tools can I use to get this? I can’t say that right away but I think it’s important to know why you’re using the websites you want to make. What platform do you want to make the website? Use a tool like Rocket Optimizer. It is a great way to find yourself where you want to go so you have a knowledge of the type of website you want to make for your customers. Rocket Optimizer will weed out the platforms and CMSes that you don’t need for your product to succeed so that you can focus on the one you’re seeking. You can also use “botver” to build up your brand with tools that you don’t even realize are important for its success.



I’ve discovered that the biggest obstacle to making a blog content that’s engaging enough is providing the same quality to all of your articles. This might seem crazy but I genuinely believe that if you ask a question on how to improve your content and write it you’ll do the same thing with your article. Post the same question more times than once. This works particularly well for articles that people want to click on because a little reminder can make something as simple as sparing time much more productive.


I have seen a lot of websites that I don’t recognize much content even though I’ve been consistently publishing the same article with only a little tweak to its pages. This doesn’t mean the content’s not working but more so than it’s simple. A simple tweak to your website’s pages allows for big changes to your blog. But a lot of companies don’t want to take the risk with what their customers are using. Start to introduce more features and break things up into separate sites (subjects) so that customers are constantly digging and checking their websites for more information.

Whether you want to start a blog that will have a short lifespan in an initial service delivery or actually make money, you can’t go wrong by using the techniques you see below.

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