Make Money From imtoaken

Make Money From imtoaken

And make money from cryptocurrency today.

So that’s just so cool. It’s just so cool that you can do your own thing and as a web developer, you make money out of it.

You can earn money by being useful, if you ask enough questions. As a customer service member, if you give plenty of feedback.

But sometimes, you don’t know how to get started.

Though, so little is known about cryptocurrency that I imagine things might change.

I won’t even get into the market of crypto investing — but, I’ve come to have a strong idea of what I would do, if I were wondering what I could do to make money.

Or at least, figure out how to go about earning a little. You might want to make some wild guesses — but, at least if you know what these guesses are, you can assess where that money comes from.

When you have a good, proper, professionally developed website with a decent number of users, well, I have my doubts that you’re making enough money. After all, you’re doing a similar job in the same space as a company who could have some resources in the form of advertisement money, marketing funds, web hosting…

So, I’ve got some questions. If you’re the type of person who thinks you should just go ahead and start this, then I believe that you have a good idea of how you might make this happen.

The sum of it all — I’ve got a few questions.

1. How much money do you think that a website of what you consider this once it’s had a thousand visitors a day is making?

2. How much does this make you likely to make, on a daily basis, and over time?

3. Would you be willing to do this if you felt your internet practice was not good enough to perform this kind of work?

4. How will this work out if you find your internet practice growing?

5. What are your tips for continuing your web design practice?

6. What strategies are you using to continue your web design practice?

7. What are the best tools to make your web design practice work?

8. If you’re planning to sell something, what is the cheapest thing you could buy, as long as you didn’t go out of market?

9. What strategies are you using to get into selling something?

10. What kinds of marketing strategies are you using to get into selling something?

11. What would be your strategic moves in selling this thing?

12. How much money do you think that if you included your marketing strategies in your website; that would be when the web design website would be reaching it’s potential?

13. How much would you make as a person and as a member of society by selling this thing?

14. What sort of marketing strategies are you using to sell this thing?

15. How long does it take your marketing strategies to yield their overall results?

16. How much do you think a typical ad page would bring in as revenue?

17. Would a standard press release come in as revenue?

18. Would a glossy brochure come in as revenue?

19. Is your web design website using any advertising techniques to produce traffic for you?

20. Would this move in step with a traditional phone call or written communication strategy?

21. Is this web design website using any advertising techniques to achieve their greater budget?

22. Are you willing to pay well for your ad?

25. What marketing strategies do you think would make your web design website have greater traffic and ultimately, a better result?

Can you tell me the web design website I’m looking at?

Cooperative web designer

“We’re living in a golden age of collective productivity” —Gert-Jan Bakegg

So, what are you doing right now?

Joining Link

We’re very fortunate that Michael & Colum set up a very thorough, professional product design website. I used their web design website before starting my own.

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