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With a full time job, an electric vehicle and my wife, that leaves me with a small savings to spare. The last thing I had on my hands would be spending the night in the trashed luggage of an airline after getting punched out in baggage claim.

It seems I know now that having excess money could really be a problem. When I was a really small kid in the 60’s to 70’s when I was in college, I have an entire room full of wine bottles on the basement floor of my house. There’s even cardboard food trays filled with muskets, guns, swords, and other things. I really do make money thinking about how to buy wine and booze.

Here’s the thing; I don’t even mind.

There are also a lot of myths and legends about money. People seem to have a highly exaggerated fear of having a lot of money. Everything from; having money stolen to never being able to buy a big ticket item.

I think I really fell into this zone and let that fear take over me. I’ve always been a person of thrift. I’m good at turning things into items. I basically hoard everything I can. I eventually can’t do this anymore.

The first thing I bought after selling my mansion with my painting brushes and snot, was a small furniture, clothing, and now silver key chains.

Actually, I think they were the last things I bought. There’s nothing fancy about them. They’re just nice, individual things I really wanted. This way I can save money on those things. When I have less money I like to stock up on cheaper items. It’s always good to keep an open mind. It’s better than hanging on to stuff. There’s too much junk hanging around in a house that needs to be cleaned out.

I never have things the exact way I want them to be. I thought owning things was supposed to be like I like them. I shouldn’t have to adapt and accept the way things are.

There’s a saying in Japan; “what a shame it is to have friends and family that only care about money”.

Maybe we in this capitalist society have spoiled the meaning of the word “real”. We think that money is the best thing that you can ever have. But if you spend it frivolously or take everything to excess you can realize that money might not be as essential as you thought.

Not having money left to go out means you aren’t doing so much for society as a whole. What you consume, not what you have. There’s no where near enough for everyone else either.

Of course when you go out and enjoy yourself, at the end of the night maybe you won’t get those pleasant, or true feelings from a night out.

I’ve been doing what I am doing since I was a teenager. It’s not as glamorous as my glamorous stories seem. Now that I’m older and have money that I’m not spending it frivolously. Being extra cautious. Having money is only going to give me the energy to think about the future as an easy reminder that not having it makes you lose it.

The fact that I’m a part of society, rather than an outsider makes me want to try and help out. Society is built on the concept of who you are and where you come from. Whether you’re a Trump supporter or a supporter of Brexit. Also other political opinions.

We can easily translate that into cultural influences. Take Christianity, religion of many religions where people focus on their own lives versus their community’s issues and moral value systems.

The Bible teaches us how we should treat others. Not money like we think is going to make you a better person.

What we do is really what builds a society. If you find yourself with an excess income, then you have a responsibility to be a good citizen and help out others. This extends to your community as well.

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The thing that keeps me up at night, is not knowing what I could be doing if my money was gone, or at least gone to a good cause. It might even start a revolution in society. It might end the world.

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