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When you are in the boom times you need all the money in your pocket and when the unemployment rises, your money has to dry up.

I have been unemployed, which forced me to be very responsible and poor. I stayed at home for no less than two years, but I also constantly searched for a job. I wanted to be with my family so that was my motivating factor.

After the many jobs failed to work out, I decided that I wanted to enroll myself in dental school. During the course of all of these scenarios I would change my mind a lot. When there was one unemployment notice in the paper, I would apply, but then I would not apply. When I was too late to apply, I would just give up.

When I was applying to the dentistry school, I came across a court case that was scheduled to take place in 2018. I was a firm believer that if you have the proper credentials and degrees, you will get the job that you want.

So I decided to apply. I received a lot of misinformation and they asked me to send in a revised application. I spent a lot of time dealing with this over the next two or three months. I went into a panic for weeks. I was mad at myself because I was late so many times.

I would never tell anyone else because I was so bad and I was convinced I wouldn’t get into the court case. I had to learn to be patient and try to keep my head above water.

The court case ended up not being scheduled, and then I was told that the dental college was closing. I was afraid of what would happen to my career if I let them close the school because I just wasn’t ready to quit. I had to learn to adjust, but I was also being forced to change everything.

I spent months, but I finally got the letter of acceptance. It was good news for me because I knew this was the school I wanted to be at. I had a lot of worries because I am one of the most curious people and am constantly snooping around. I needed to get to that school before the other faculty applied to other schools.

Here is what I learned:

I learned not to fall into the money trap. Money is a scary thing, but don’t always equate it to happiness. We all think that if we have lots of money and a good job, we are happy, but I have learned that I need to do what I really like to do. Money could help you to make your parents happy, but a more substantial part of that happiness is the life that you are living and the content of your life. Money is not the best thing in life, but it gives you the power to do. You need to love what you do, even if you aren’t happy or love it. If you love what you do, then money can fade away.

I also learned that I have to be my own best customer service agent. I realized that you can’t tell someone that you don’t like their product or service unless you are going to tell them all your deepest secrets. Money is so important because it provides you food and even water. The most important part that money gives you is a chance to get into certain kinds of programs and even college. If you don’t have money, then your chances of getting into your dream college decreases.

I learned that money can buy almost anything and get the best things for you. If you own a car, it can look like you are rich, but if you have the right car, then you don’t even have to work for that car. The choice you get when it comes to which car, whether you want a luxury car or a car for your family is really about you. What you buy goes far beyond money. It is more about how much value and time you will use the car for. To me, I like luxury cars because I am a bit of a materialist. Spending time in a luxury car with rich people is an amazing thing because you have to taste experiences and appreciation, like these opinions are incredibly important in my definition of good.

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