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Part 1 – Earn money at school *

*This is a broad statement and broad example.

Spend Money Online: My School Portfolio

Your school academic portfolio is your own way of showing yourself. You can use it anywhere.

When there is a change, you can use it to impress your teachers or a group of people.

If you have a bad body, you can lose or add weight while increasing the amount of time you spend practicing.

You can even use your school portfolio to market yourself to potential companies.

And you can show yourself even when the school reports are in the pink or pink-ish red.

• Do you receive some form of financial aid?

• How much you are paid?

• How much you can earn?

• Do you have an online image?

• Which company has a favorable image?

• Which company is stable?

• Your overall image?

• How you can utilize your image?

• Do you have an online website?

• Which company owns the website?

• Based on your online image, which company does your image have a positive impact on?

• Do you have a resume?

• How much do you earn?

• What is your title?

• How much time do you spend preparing your resume?

• What financial background do you have?

• What financial standing do you have with the school and other companies?

• Do you have an online promotion?

• How much do you earn?

• Do you have an online performance?

• How do you look?

• Do you have a good online body?

• What are your workloads, and how much time do you spend working in any period of your life?

• Is it coming back?

• How you get your money?

• How do you manage your money?

• Do you have a salary?

• What do you do when you don’t have an income?

• Would you recommend any company?

• Do you have a resume?

• Are you diligent?

• Do you have a preference for your tuition payment?

• How do you get your money?

• What are your relationships with your parents?

• How long have you been studying?

• How much do you spend on your parents’ salaries?

• Do you have a cell phone?

• How much money do you spend on your cell phone?

• Has your cell phone good use?

• How much is the fee?

• How much is your monthly earnings?

• Do you have extra income?

• How much do you make per day?

• How many hours do you work daily?

• How do you pay for electricity?

• Are you hungry when you have little income?

• Are you too young to be able to have an internet computer?

• Do you have an InternetPC?

• Are you considered a minor?

• Are you a minor?

• Do you have no travel allowance?

• Do you have an office?

• How much does the registration amount for your job?

• How much can you get in a week with the work you do online?

*The strategy I will use for this strategy is simply to make sure that these are my own goals. My goals will make my goal.

It can be my 100 week goals, 200 week goals or 1000 week goals. It doesn’t really matter as long as it is something.

The purpose of having a better goal is to give you inspiration and push you to try something new.

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