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Turing’s constant learning enforces everyone to continually improve. He is a step away from the point that I would be taking most people, if I were lucky enough to ever reach it. Now, it could be said that there is no perfection in any field, but it is mind boggling just how

hard it is to reach a point where you don’t see a problem’s improvement. Without this constant learning, I would think I would never reach my full potential to inspire and support myself and those I work with. Before going on, I will discuss my point of view about education. Also, discuss how Turing’s constant learning enforces everyone to continuously improve.

Henceforth, I will analyze Turing’s constant learning example with the aim of implementing it in my life.

Now, I will give a ten minute example on how I will implement learning and the way he learned with way. I will also use the example from McAfee to understand how he applied learning with just a little help from the experts. I will also reference several examples from the history of the struggle to get to where he is now.

Now, let me ask you the question- How would you change your environment to get to a point where your training makes your brain activate more? I will start by stating how I graduated from law school. I left school, now in search of my own passion and successful pursuit of my goals.

To attain this goal, I would need to change most of my surroundings, which could include implementing constant learning into my everyday life. Graduating from law school, then in search of something meaningful, something that gets me out of my comfort zone. I would get to that point while consuming law books and memorizing the prose. I wouldn’t have entered the business world without this reinforcement. Change my environment to be more conducive to my learning.

If I would take in an introvert environment, be it work, a family setting, a home, school, daycare, or a group setting, I would likely feel uncomfortable, as how? My motivation to learn would be similar to most most of my subjects I choose to pursue. Law is my passion, therefore, I need to learn about that at a personal level. Again, this will get me to the point where I reach a decision to pursue my passion.

Moving on to the more intense subjects like business or psychology, I would seek out the wisdom of the experts so that I can help solve a critical issue. He successfully connected this level to the scientist’s work, which helps me with my later education. My network would get me in touch with college professionals that could get my resources. I would also gain a perspective from the researcher, ensuring that I am applying what I have learned to the daily life.

I will discuss the effects of my personal knowledge gained from the focus on my work and how my knowledge translates to teaching since my love for teaching will help others to gain confidence in what they learn.

He recognized the differences in his society and how those differences affect the strategies, goals, actions, and responses he used. He found ways to change the systemic changes in an attempt to achieve the goals he had created for his career. After this, he got a great following, demonstrating how progress is often faster than we even imagine. After being able to learn from the others’ mistakes, he realized a great insight, his eagerness to accomplish better in almost any area. This high-quality product was due to the constant striving, continuous advancement, and research in every sphere of life. What would be left on this earth? What tools could be manufactured to better the world for us to experience a greater type of happiness?

One day, the results will provide life-long, permanent outcomes. He created diverse career opportunities, breaking traditional boundaries in diverse areas like engineering, science, medicine, business, and sociology. All in one space is incredible because he was consistently taught and implementing his daily job, the same as all of us. Being productive, or something to the extreme, could be my major reason for why I am so motivated and focused on my working environment. It has served as a reminder to act right and effective. Personally, I have been fortunate to be able to receive personalized attention. Since graduates can earn to double their starting salaries in their first job, I have been provided with more than I ever needed or expected.

Honestly, I have never received anything as extraordinary as what he received. His positive attitude led me to love my job. After some encouragement, support, and a return trip with him, that is something that I wanted to achieve as a teacher. Now, I believe he may not have gotten the huge experience he was at his first job and that’s why he earned that Title III.

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