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The key factor and one that great minds such as Bill Gates are impressed by in the tech sector is the amount of funding that comes with creating something of value. As we have all seen in the numbers and data of the founders and investors of companies such as Facebook and Google, it has emerged that it is easier to get financed and funded effectively in this area. Without greater funding, no company can expand, and survive the startup phase. Not to mention that in today’s highly competitive economic environment, companies that can be financed are able to excel.

So, the question is, How can we make money? Today in this “Age of Peopleification” and the adoption of artificial intelligence, we are able to determine ways to profit from a new technology. Basically, with the help of apps and artificial intelligence, it is very possible to generate revenue by producing hardware, providing software, or services. With the power of artificial intelligence, it’s possible to make money by making money for making the payment on the device and thus owning the device in one way or another. These are the reasons as to why these technologies are important for today. Below are some examples of how technology can impact business financially.

AI and Robotics

One of the most effective ways to make money is to apply AI and robotics in real life. Through automated and digital interaction, the implementation of these technologies would allow companies and individuals that are working within numerous industries to own robots and devices that perform various functions, such as cleaning houses, becoming delivery drivers, looking after young children, managing and repairing industry. This would be another area of big data which would allow businesses to easily make money, and thus survive and thrive.

Mobile Payment

The introduction of smartphones has made possible the use of apps. Another impact which this has had is the rising number of entrepreneurs within the use of mobile apps. It has also created new ways of increasing revenue in this area, so that any businesses/individuals can profit by producing a service, company, or simply purchasing a device that will enable them to have a platform that will allow their business thrive financially.

Streamlining Network Services

Another key characteristic of the US

technology market is the introduction of technologies such as cloud computing. With the advancements in AI, businesses can also significantly provide up-to-date and functional technologies that can be used to speed up the process of Internet. These can be done through the introduction of AI and IoT systems and devices that are able to be used by mobile and Internet users to communicate with one another.

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The Internet is the support of these technologies, and it can be adapted by companies to produce this technology to change peoples’ lives. This also makes businesses to receive a greater profit in the technology field.

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