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today we will look into defi usdt dot io which is one of the most groundbreaking and fascinating usdt investments i have ever seen it is registered under uk law it can help us to achieve stable expected returns because they diversify at the same time such as investing in cryptocurrencies in emerging markets including icos and ipos etc as well as investing in decentralized application platforms such as p2p internet of things social networks games etc so we get maximum and stable income every day what i am going to do here is to guide you step by step on how to use this amazing platform under the benefits of using it i need your full attention on every step of this video to understand it clearly so make sure you stick around till the end of this video the platform is providing great earning opportunities to the people join us today and become a usd millionaire the purpose of the company is to keep working hard and making money.

hello friends welcome to my channel in this video i am going to review another great usdt investment product it gives you 200 usd for just to sign up the daily withdrawal limit is 3 percent to 6 percent so don’t miss this great opportunity with a small investment of usdt you can experience the authenticity of the platform in this video i am going to teach you how to join in this website how to deposit how to withdraw and how to do work to get daily income before we go if you are a new viewer of this channel you are very warm welcome i use it to bring reviews of free mining sites free paying sites as well as payment proofs if you are interested to earn money online from home then just subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to hit the bell icon for future notifications please like this video and also share to your other friends without further ado let’s get started this is the registration form of the website where you can get 200 usd absolutely free.

after registration to register enter the phone number or any 10 digit number has a login id type login password and security password login and security passwords cannot be same and they will be very strong and also note that please remember your passwords because recovery option is not available now enter my invitation code as pr 9x tv and click on sign up to create your account after successful login you will redirect to your dashboard for first time login you will get 200 usdt for free on registration you can see it displayed here on your home page you can check the company’s white paper to know more about the company to check white paper click on the white paper button on the home page here you can find the all details about the company you have two types of accounts in this website wallet account and promotion account the registration bonus of 200 usdt is added to your wallet account you can get trading profit of 3 percent every day on this wallet to collect daily profit go to trading page here you can claim your trading profit of 3 percent on your valid account this trading profit will be added to your wallet account to withdraw from this valid account you need to activate your account with a small recharge the recharge amount starts from as low as 1 usdt the platform will directly calculate the income that can be withdrawn on the same day for example recharging with 100 usdt will generate a 3 usd on the same day.

so we have five different plans that you can choose from in the first one your accumulated deposit is up to 4999 usdt and you will get three percent daily withdrawal limit in the second one the accumulative deposit quantity is between 5000 usd to 49999 usdt and you will get 3.5 percent daily withdrawal limit for our third the accumulative deposit quantity quantities between 50 000 usd 2 99 999 usdt and you will get a daily withdrawal limit of 4 percent in our fourth one when you make a accumulated deposit between 1 lakh usd t2 one lakh 99 999 usdt you will get a daily withdrawal limit of 5 percent in the last one the cumulative deposit quantity is more than 2 lakh usdt you will get a daily withdrawal limit of 6 percent the higher the deposit amount the higher the return so invest with your own interest to get higher returns every day now i am going to demonstrate you how to recharge you can see here i already activated my account with 5 usdt now i am going to top up with another 5 usd to increase my daily return to invest and start earning at this usdt mining site click on the recharge in the side menu this is your accounts wallet link where you need to deposit usdt copy it now open your digital wallet i am using trustwallet to make deposit open wallet select usdt has your choice of currency and go to send section now paste your wallet link here or scan qr code to get address i am scanning qr code to enter deposit address set to the amount to be transferred and continue it on the next page confirm the transaction my transaction is initiated and processed after some time

it is totally completed you need to click here in the website on recharge completed button you can see here my recharge amount added to my account instantly it is as simple as that at this site you can earn without even investing through affiliate program to invite your friend click on the share button displayed at the bottom copy the referral link and share it with your friends to enjoy unlimited commission without investing when you refer a friend and they sign up through your referral link you will get free usdt has a commission of up to 17 percent the person you invite becomes your level one downline when your level one invites someone else they become your level two similarly when your level two invites another person they become your level three downline when your downline makes deposit you will get a commission too you will get 7 percent of the deposit made by your level 1 8 percent for level 2 and 2 percent from the level 3 deposits.

for example if the deposit made by the referrals in first level is hundred usdt you will get instant commission of seven usd to your promotion account if the deposits made by the referrals in second level is hundred usd you will get eight usd instantly to your promotion account if your referrals in third level deposits 100 usdt you will get instant commission of 2 usdt you can withdraw your earnings in promotion account instantly without any restrictions now i am going to withdraw my earnings in front of you to withdraw go to withdraw page you need to collect interest on every day before withdraw so click on the receive interest on the base account button in the third section click on confirm now return to withdraw page select an account enter the amount withdraw enter valid address and security code now confirm the withdrawal your withdrawal request is submitted and you will get it within a few minutes for more proof i will show you my withdraw transaction details you can see here i received my withdrawal instantly to my address instantly the platform is providing great earning opportunities to the people so join us today and become a usd team millionaire like this way you can get daily withdrawal limits and end huge benefits along with additional reward in this legit usdt cloud mining site for websites link there is a link in description box below just click on the link you will redirect to this interface simply click on website button this video is made for educational and informational purpose only ok hope you enjoyed this video if so feel free to give it a thumbs up and also share to your other friends thanks for watching


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