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Yeah so you know we’re not here just to ship a game we’re very very intent on achieving mainstream users that. is the only north star of the project that is the goal uh and to do that it was a social deduction game social deduction games the reaction to the gameplay uh we’ve put our our heart and soul into the game to make it as fun as unique and as cool as. we could meaning the tokens and and the incentives you earn can be consumed within imposters whether that’s for items nfts uh land uh upgrading and training your pets upgrading and training upgrading and racing your ufos all of those things are within the imposters ecosystem [Music] yes welcome back everybody to altcoin daily. my name’s austin here as always with my brother aaron and the man the legend co-founder of super farm as well as play to earn game imposters elliot of elio trades welcome man hello thank you for having me now we just had a great interview the other day on the big picture crypto market the metaverse nft’s all big picture so a link for that is down below . if you want to talk big picture crypto check it out link down below but today dude let’s talk about super for. i know personally and imposters we’ve been i see in the comments section our community wants more updates you obviously have stuff you know implementing so just to sort of tee it off for the new person who has never heard of super farm what is it yes so super farm is actually a full nft ecosystem uh. it started with a d5 application that allowed for something called nft farming.


and that was the initial uh concept that was like the mvp um and now it’s evolving to two of its more uh significant use cases and more robust products which. is a fully built immersive unreal engine powered video game. that our team believes is perfectly positioned to actually acquire users and to bring new users into the blockchain through the fun and immersive ecosystem of online gaming and especially socially based online gaming imposters. which is uh the first game here in the super farm ecosystem that’s built on top of the super token. imposters is a social deduction game which is a viral new game type that really only became popular at the beginning of the pandemic and it’s not a very crowded uh gaming genre whereas uh mmorpg and first person shooter and battle royale there is so many games and so many aaa studios competing there there’s very few competitors with social deduction games it’s a very new genre . it’s a very viral and social genre and it’s a perfect genre for content creators to create content in the gaming space so we’re very very excited. uh and we believe that nfts in specific will benefit from having a cultural movement around them so it’s really important that content creators are playing nft games and sort of having a an impact on that culture uh so for many reasons.

we’re really really excited to be bringing this game that has been in production for multiple years now way before uh this sort of modern wave of nft games uh have been sort of discussed uh actually i met you guys back in 2019 and at that time i was showing you guys prototypes of uh the first video games that i was working on so you guys can confirm uh that you saw me working on games as early as 2019 um and we actually ended up rebuilding and starting new in 2020 with with imposters uh based on all the experience. we had uh building the first game so uh really really excited to see super farm now uh be home to what we feel is one of the best if not the best positioned game here in crypto land to achieve users we think it’s really smart the way it’s set up the way it incentivizes ecosystem . participation and that it fully decentralizes the game economy uh with the super token now the other product that is coming and a part of the super farm ecosystem is a marketplace a fully. decentralized competitor to open c um and this is a product that we’re very passionate about that has also been in production here since about the beginning of 2021 um and especially as nfts became so popular in 2021. um and the marketplace open seat continued to kind of struggle to serve this audience uh in the way that it we feel we feel it should uh. it’s also a centralized company and so you know we’re very passionate about decentralizing the marketplace turning over control of the marketplace to the community um but just. like we are doing with the gaming it has to be the best it has to be the absolute best product right decentralization just for decentralization’s sake to us. isn’t enough we need the products to be incredible to use to fulfill the user’s needs the absolute best and then you add the decentralization and it’s like a whole new world um and. so that’s what we’re striving for on both the the video game which just had its launch uh of its nft series uh just a couple of days ago and that went incredibly well we sold out uh actually the transactions didn’t finalize on ethereum until about four minutes or so but we actually had all the transactions to sell out the drop in under 10 seconds or about 10 seconds um and so.

it was absolutely incredible how how big the demand for this project was uh and currently we’re looking at starting uh this genesis season for the game which is something that no other project has done either and i’ll talk about that in a little bit but effectively super farm is an nft farming defy application as well as a video game. which is decentralized uh through the governance of the super token uh as well as there is a marketplace that is uh going to be released shortly we’re currently in testing with it and it should be out here in q2 you set that up yeah go ahead well. i was all right you sum that up you summed it up really great with uh super farm as we get into imposters which you know i’ve been following i tried to you know get in on the genesis mint but as you said you know 10 seconds it was gone um something that. i’ve been really impressed with as i followed imposters and super farm is you know just you’ve hosted many spaces many discord chats spaces and you are super . community oriented like basically saying giving your community everything that they want to know directly you know calling random people up facing the tough questions facing the middle questions the easy questions but even people who may be. dissatisfied with you even like changing things if the community thinks one thing is better and that’s something i’ve been really impressed with just how much. you’re listening to the community could you speak on that that’s obviously important to you yeah no it’s to me the one thing the huge revelation and and change with nfts in general is how much they connect us together and that was one of the things that made me so passionate about uh board apes really early on in their cycle was how passionate that community. was connected through these images and i realized that this there’s a stickiness to the nft and the community that when it’s done right it can become this superpower and so you saw that with board apes and how this community just refused. to let any naysayers or any even any astronomical price growth tear away their sort of bonds and that’s what created this special vehicle and so the reason why this is so special with imposters and the reason why it’s so. important to me and the team to make sure that the community is feeling ultra not only just heard but that they feel in control of the project and they feel like this is their home um is because when a community is like that and has that that strong connection. that enduring connection there’s going to be bumps in the road there’s going to be peaks and valleys. and when the community is airtight you get through the tough times and you enjoy the good times and and it’s it is the ultimate ingredient for success for a project and so when we first announced the project the community did not like our pricing they did not like the information package they did not like several aspects about the project thankfully we’ve been doing this for so many years and that the project was so . advanced and matured that we had the answers that they were looking for and we were capable capable of giving them what they asked for and wanted um and so nothing means more to me than building a project that truly rewardcommunity and is just an awesome opportunity for the community. i know you guys are the same way where we struggle and we work hard to to provide as much value as we can through the content and when creating a project. it’s utterly imperative that the project provides as much value to the community as possible and so you know whenever there’s. tough questions those are honestly the absolute best ones because hearing a bunch of people that want to high-five you and just say great job that’s feels good and. there’s some dopamine release there but as a project founder you want to hear the the ugly stuff you want to hear where the problems are and you want to hear what’s bad because when you when you tell me something that you don’t like.

i can now work on it and make it better um but if you’re telling me something that. i do like i don’t necessarily have anything that i can then turn around and actionably change to make better so the kind words are awesome but the the hard questions and the the uh potentially combative questions and folks. in the audience are where you really learn um and so you know we learned a lot we grew a lot from the initial announcement to the mint and you know uh you know what what’s happened and the result has been this uproarious incredible support for for the way we’re running the project and the project as a whole so it’s been an incredible experience and and nothing but positivity for even the people who are saying horrible things uh or or good things um you know because that’s what the project needs is feedback yes yes and i want to get into the genesis season and what we can look forward to coming up in just a second but. i guess before we get into that can anybody play imposters if. i don’t have one of those nfts can i play imposters and if so then what happens if i have the nft do. i get a better experience playing can you kind of explain that can we play it today first of all i know it’s launched can we play it today yes so the the closed beta uh is coming out here uh it’s on the genesis season.

in a few weeks time you’ll be able to see you can see it on the roadmap um and so you’re not you won’t be able to access today but very soon uh we showed the full gameplay loop so you can see the full gameplay um there on the website uh as well as in the discord and on all of our socials we’ve shown. the gameplay the reaction to the gameplay uh we’ve put our our heart and soul into the game to make it as fun as unique and as cool as we could but seeing people is just extreme enthusiasm and excitement for the gameplay uh really put us on cloud nine so we encourage you guys to check out the game play we think. it’s amazing and the community reacting and just just treasuring what we had created so deeply uh was one of the most rewarding days uh in my career for sure um as far as the difference that you asked there it is important it. is critical that anyone who wants to be able to come in and experience the game can do so it is critical that you know down the line is we’re going to market this worldwide release of a video game .


that content creators and streamers and their audience which are going to be anyone from you know potentially middle school kids and up that there is no barriers to them coming in downloading the game and having a good experience more users equals more value now the question is how does that interact with the nfts now what we have. is an entire metaverse economy kind of like a ribbon wrapped around this core fun gameplay mode and the nfts tap into that economy and those economics however someone who just comes in and downloads the game and . plays on their computer [Music] ethereum address don’t have the blockchain they don’t have any nfts they can come and experience the game and have a blast and play as much as they want to their hearts content but they are not interacting with that economy whether that is the um and and i tell me if i cut out for a second yeah yeah. people who come in and play the game for free they can come and join the community play have a blast make memories here uh in the game and and get their and have as much fun as they want there is no absolutely no barrier for a web 2 user to come in and have a web 2 experience however if i have nfts. i can access all kinds of cosmetic items that aren’t available to web 2 users whether those are characters backpacks skins emotes all kinds of fun stuff there’s also things that are very important in the web3 economy.

like staking mechanisms access to land access to resources access to different side modes that are not within the core gameplay that might allow for play and earn whereas a normal user who’s just web 2 only will not have play and earn obviously if they don’t have a blockchain address how could they earn and where would they be earning to um they could earn items within the game . like hats and stuff but those wouldn’t be represented on the blockchain so there’s sort of a two different worlds that we’re marrying here which is how do we build a product the question that we answered was how do we build a product that satisfies the the ownership. and the needs and the rights of the blockchain and pays homage to that while decentralizing this game economy but also has no barriers to entry and so this is the way that we’ve sort of made it so that anyone can come in and have the experience they want whether it’s someone who’s a whale who wants to you know occupy a part of the economy one second drink break so freaking passionate about all this dude just need to stay hydrated. i have a tickle in my throat guys everybody at home take a drink smash the like button if you want to edit out this uh this costume feel free not required it wasn’t ugly cough um but yeah so effectively there’s two different worlds there’s there’s people who come in with nfts and they get access to the entire metaverse economy and there’s people without nfts that can access the entire re game they just don’t.


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