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nfts i’m going to show you exactly how all of that works now so if  you go down on the website which again link down below along with the rest of the stuff covered on  today’s video you can see that there’s two things you need to do first of all you need to download  the nft factory which at the moment is only available on windows but will soon be available  on mac os mac and others and also by rctl token so first of all you need to buy your rctl tokens.

and at the moment the price will increase after a certain amount of sold so obviously that means  that the value of rct tokens over time should be going up as the demand etc steps up but what you  can do with these rct tokens is turn them into nfts and by clicking on marketplace at the top  you can see what your nft making might be able to create and you go down but through you guys and  you can see these some of these nfts are worth like 450 412 315 just by creating these various  types of lands you can then sell them on on the open market which is really really cool lots of  different types and you can give them different attributes as well all you got to do guys .




download  here buy your rctl and then once you’ve downloaded it all this is basically what the process is i’m  going to walk you through it now and this is the nft factory this is basically what it looks like  as you’ll see in a moment i’ve got two rct tokens that you can use to create the nfts one obviously  rct token for one nft min you’re gonna scan the code whether that’s through your phone  or something else and connect your metaverse or whatever wallet you are choosing to use  you then want to go across your desktop and select any files like waste files that you don’t  want anymore and make sure this is disclaimer saying that you don’t want to put anything in  that you still want access to because it will be permanently deleted guys and as you can see  right we’ve dropped our two files in and now the little robot guy is going to collect these and  he’s going to go and do something with them in order for us to create an nft or a land  nft.




quite a cool little animation going on he’s just dropped one of them in there and you can see  just by the file size the limit is 500 megabytes so you might be one or two files or maybe more  in order to get up to the amount that you need to be able to mint your nfts here you can see we  tried to drop more in and it’s not allowing us to put any more in because it’s already full so all  you need to do is click press to min on the right hand side the big orange button and then we’re  going to say are we sure yes we want to press ok and then we’re going to start minting our piece  of land or our first nft as you can see all of the little robots come into action and start producing  the nft okay .





awesome so now you can see guys it’s finished we got congratulations you’ve now got  a new nft you can see it’s uploading and it will take a little bit of time before it’s ready so you  can see now from the trade now i can get different things for it i can either trade it for other uses  or i can sell it to other people or i could just put it into a wallet and store it perhaps  for another occasion or later on if i think it’s going to go up in value but also you can  see up here it talks about dmt .


resource so what exactly is dmt well let’s find out but  there’s information about this if we look down to the live finity and roadmap dmt is a digital  mineral token which is mined on the land in other words the genesis era will have two core gameplays  minting land like we’ve just done and mining dmt in social ways okay once it gets into phase two  again into the construction era all the dmt that has been mined will provide other values  in other players to different people in this era players will start to participate in all  kinds of construction activities on the brand new continent life infinity becomes the first massive  multiplayer simulation game at the time or in the current times so you can see basically the star is  all very key in terms of mining the dmt in order to get .




other uses out of it and then further down  the line it’s going to kind of evolve and there’s loads of other cool stuff i love this kind of  evolution and how things change every time it’s what makes metaverse and all the stuff involved  with it so exciting and interesting in my opinion so in today’s video we’ve covered two separate  topics first of all we looked at soul tires which i believe is going to be one of the best  crypto play to earn games anywhere because it combines driving games which have always been  super successful with sort of amazing graphics and loads and loads of other cool features we then took a look at infinity land which shows you.



how you can turn the old junk on your computer into  potentially some very valuable land nfts and to be able to sell them on the open market if you’ve got  any value out of today’s video then make sure you smash up the like button for the youtube algorithm  and as well if you’re new to crypto and you want to learn more about plate and crypto gaming as  well as other crypto coins and other crypto assets they’re going to make you money in this crypto  ball cycle then make sure you subscribe to crypt gems to be captured today with all of the latest  happening in crypto thanks very much for watching guys i’ll see you soon with another video bye

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