200 Usdt Free Earn | Daily $0.15 – $10 Earn | Usdt Mining Website 2022 | usdt.gr From Usdt Free Earn

200 Usdt Free Earn | Daily $0.15 – $10 Earn | Usdt Mining Website 2022 | usdt.gr From Usdt Free Earn



hi guys this video will uh explain the tron institute cloud mining platform to you and how you mine and how you get your profits but first of all what is strong this is cloud mining platform training suit is a cloud mining platform where you aim by investing some amounts of tron into the mining platform if you have hardwired your investor tron will be used by the company for their mining processes and the funds or the profits made to be distributed to all miners and also our users all right so now let me take you.


through the registration interface but before i do that you can check their white paper to learn more they have a very comprehensive white paper this white paper i think will be shared to you in the telegram group i’ll give you the link on the telegram group later on you can see if you read this white paper you’re able to know the sustainability of this project okay without further ado let’s go to the main thing which is the registration process okay go to your browser and cli ck trs dot institute so when it opens click on sign up then you choose your number.



number code this is it put the password you won’t forget mind you use a good password of course you should have an invite code which is the code which is this this is my price code then you put this captcha code here successful and um you have to go to that place now so this is your dashboard and you have been giving 1000 s as a welcome bonus but before you do anything you have to watch deposits which means you have to recharge your accounts then i’ll click on deposits copy this drone address and i’ll go to my drone wallet click on send i will paste the address here.



the one i copied then i’ll choose i can send just 1999 now click send confirm i put my password i clicked on it percent um troll network is fast so i think i should sits in my dashboard you can go back press home go back to home all right so now our 99 chance has reflected on our account so how do we aim the first method of any is that one ev ery day you go to this trading this button.


below trading click on trading you’ll be getting six percent of your bonus every day and six percent of one thousand trunks is what sixty so every day you’re getting sixty i have to click on receive to receive it you go back you see it has reflected yeah so every day you do that so every day you have to go to this trading interface to receive your six percent bonus daily okay let’s go back so in this platform you’ll be able to withdraw daily 2.5 percent of your worth of your capital you be able to withdraw 2.5 percent daily of your capital so since i invested 99 runs so let’s do some more calculation so 2.5 divided by 100 times what 99 so every day i’m able to redraw 2.475 trunks so .



let’s work that out so i go to the drawer see it’s already calculated for me delhi would rather limit 2.47 then i will input it 2.5747 then i put my address so let me copy my address once more i click on receive i copy my address and i paste it here then my passwor d remember i said don’t forget your password i’ll confirm.


withdraw successful cash up this is it it has been redrawn to my account let’s confirm this so that is it every day you’ll be able to draw 2.5 percent of your capital okay guys um that’s what we call promotional commissions and the promotional commissions are the reward you get when you bring referrals to this system for you to refer any person you bring into the system after he or she forms you get 10 percent of his or her capital for example if he or she funds with 100 rounds automatically you get 10 trunks and you can find it here you see my promotional reward 0.000.



anybody into the system so because i have is whenever i bring someone to the system i will see it yeah and you can withdraw that instantly if you want to withdraw your promotional rewards you click on withdrawal choose promotional accounts and choose the amount put the address the same process as why are we drawing the number 2.5 percent so you might ask how can w e withdraw the six percent profit we get every day the six percent profit will be withdrawn once you’re done with your what capital driver once .

you are done with your capital java you’ll be able to withdraw six percent of your bonus so if it takes you 30 days to finish your um capita it means you start withdrawing your bonus from that 30 day or from that day then please don’t forget to join the telegram channel you can get it again channel it will it will be dropped on the screen literally channel don’t forget to join the target channel of tron institute so you can ask questions and in case there’s any challenge you can drop it in on the triangular channel and you’ll.



be able to answer all your questions and to share your platform or to get your referral link click on share at the below button here click on share and your referral link will be cutting you if you look here you can see your referral code this is my record five six seven three one nine so when i copy the link i can share i t to friends try it your friends families so they can join and start any with this platform another question can drop it on dragon journey thank you guys see you guys later

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