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welcome back to kryptos or us i am george we’re all george so happy sunday the new week is about to start and. i will give you all the reasons why we should all keep stacking sets there are a lot of things that’s gonna happen this week some big events that could definitely help drive bitcoin and crypto higher so let’s talk about what they are smash up the likes subscribe to the channel make sure you hit that notification bell to get notified of all my streams also follow me on social media and check out all the latest news articles and guides. at welcome welcome welcome good morning guys good morning or good afternoon good night wherever you may be well you know what looking at bitcoin hey we’re back above this 427 resistance right we were a little bit below now we’re trending above so it does look like uh you know that that that sell-off possibly from f2 pool. is over you know yesterday i came back to conclusion that yeah we had a little bit of a sell-off because of some mysterious wheel and that was serious wheel turned out to be f2 pool for whatever reason right and. it did bring us lower and with the liquidations that happened that’s pretty much what happened but now we’re in recovery mode and. i don’t know if that was time just because of bitcoin 2022 because it does seem like every time every time there is uh a conference we do have a little bit of a sell-off but the conference is over it was a fantastic conference my very first big bitcoin conference and i do plan on attending more hopefully i can attend the next big one which is consensus and that’s coming up in june but uh we’ll see we’ll see so this week there’s a lot of things happening could be a really good recovery week and you know we’re coming back to that 2 trillion market cap very very very close and you can see that yeah there’s some good movers. today including doge doge up nearly seven percent still a lot i don’t know if you guys been following if you guys have been following elon um he’s been making a lot of tweets about twitter a lot of tweets you know i don’t know if he’s just trolling if. if he’s you know planning on making some big moves you know we we don’t know at this point right that is why doge. is going up because if he is gonna make some big moves maybe he’s gonna integrate doge somehow and sheba is also following in the same footsteps up about four percent but all today you know. it’s a recovery day a point up ten percent i don’t know people think that apecoin is a meme coin it is not but i don’t know. if that’s the reason or because it was just pretty much oversold recently so we got some good movers today all right let’s move on to what. is happening this week what would happen if microsoft gets hacked and sells bdc nothing would happen because it wouldn’t happen all right he does not hold it himself microstrategy does not hold it himself coinbase holds it so this is little worry uh that is going to happen all right so this week on an economic front this is going to have a big impact absolutely big. it’s coming up on tuesday so not tomorrow but the latest cpi number from march will be released anticipating that inflation or cpi has gone up another point five percent from 7.9 to 8.4 okay.



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