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this will be absolutely huge because last month it was actually 0.1 higher didn’t the market didn’t like it so this month if it you know if. it’s in line i think it’ll be okay if it’s below that’ll be fantastic if we somehow go to like say 8.2 or something that would be absolutely huge for the market but if. it goes above we go to 8.6 or something that would be bad but all eyes we’ll be on this because we don’t have a fall emcee meeting this month but we will have one next month and already we’ve heard from powell saying that he thinks inflation is much too high. so that’s no good that’s no good so if this it comes at worse than expected that would be no good so we have this to look forward to okay so this is coming up on tuesday and there’s other things you know retail sales and stuff like that. is coming later in the week and and we have all the big banks reporting this week right afterwards you got jp morgan that’s released uh releasing their earnings wells fargo goldman sachs which recently turned into a huge bitcoin crypto bull morgan stanley citibank pnc state street man all within two days now a. lot of people also look forward to banking reports because they will give you indication of how strong um how strong things are basically from uh from a lending standpoint from a business standpoint for a mortgage standpoint. i mean they give a lot of clues and insight and more importantly what they’re forecasting some have forecasted some of these banks have forecasted that a recession is right around the corner some have forecasted no that’s not right around the corner and the economy will continue to recover so it’d be interesting to. see what these banks have to say but ultimately we know deep down were they all worried about being replaced by bitcoin and crypto so that is why they are all turning the corner they are all starting. to get in offering services offering trading offering otc buying and custodian service right they’re getting very very very involved because they don’t want to be kicked out the door and this relates to this relates to strike strike app you know trying to replace credit cards right where the credit cards from the banks so they have to be very very careful very careful indeed also i’ve been mentioning about the war front there .is a former chief economic adviser of putin that says that russia will likely halt the war within a month or two very quickly if the west slapped a full embargo on russian oil and gas which would basically make russia’s gdp to zero. if that happened right and we’ve been hearing a lot about this this is the ulta ultimate i guess sanction that you can have against russia but you know. it’s having a tally it’s having italian russia right everything that’s been happening all the embargoes and sanctions is having an effect and this may be the last straw right. if this happens not to say that this was this is going to be announced this week but if something like this actually happens this will be actually phenomenal because when the war is over it’s going to relieve this. whole pressure off the markets right this there’s this like cloud of uncertainty that’s holding back markets because of the war and if this ends sometimes this year right within the next quarter or two it’ll be absolutely phenomenal for all markets for all markets but the one good thing that this has shown to the world is that bitcoin and crypto definitely definitely is great in this kind. of situation right when you have an economic collapse like with the ruble bitcoin is great when you have a need to set money worldwide without worrying about being confiscated or stopped or questioned bitcoin and crypto is great as proven with ukraine right so the good thing is this has shed some really good light on bitcoin and crypto so that’s the good thing all right now besides economic geopolitical stuff what else is going on just know the usual the usual good stuff like the net position change of bitcoin on exchanges continue to just drop and drop and drop and drop you see over the last two years very little of it is in green most of it is in red which shows that there are a lot of buying going on right that’s taking bitcoin off the exchanges and. it keeps happening and it has not stopped it has not stopped for quite some time and continues to go on so that does show that bitcoin is getting more and more scarce on open exchanges here’s another metric 63.5 of all. bitcoins okay 63.5 percent have not moved within the last year and that number continues to grow which means the number of holders are growing people like you and. i and others they’re getting in the larger companies and institutions once they buy they take it off the exchange that’s it they’re not touching it and that is not that number is at a high right now so very very good now uh what else is there kevin o’leary you know term huge bitcoin and crypto bull uh of course he spoke at bitcoin miami conference you know recently but he did share that he didn’t share the exact number amount but um he gave some some clues 20 20 of his portfolios in crypto and within that 20 he holds 32 different crypto including likes of solana bitcoin polygon and. i’ve heard him mention about pokemon and several 32 is quite a lot probably the 32 that i i’ve been talking about some of the big

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