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this is the genesis season here uh and this is something that we’re very passionate about which is a lot of nfts theymom sell out or they sell and then there’s just kind of like this empty period of just wondering what happens next and the community sometimes there will be a merch drop or a secondary. airdrop or something um but in building out this entire metaverse from the seed of this genesis character we wanted a very clear series of events of how this genesis character becomes pillars of a metaverse and so what we have here is weeks of significant activities the first is staking everybody loves staking and in this case this will be the first time that anyone in the world can get their hands on the blood token which. is the ecosystem token then after their stake for two weeks they’ll be able to mint with the the blood token that they have they’ll be able to use those blood tokens to mint a ufo now that ufo is actually a pillar of its own game mode which is ufo racing and so you’ll be able to sort of upgrade your ufos equip them with sub nfts like thrusters and wing sets and stuff like that and you’ll be able to race them against other players pvp and you’ll even be able to potentially earn more blood doing that in a pvp way as well as something that we’re calling materials which are required to upgrade your ufos now two weeks after that we’ll have the pets mint which again you’re using your blood from staking and you’ll be able to claim uh genesis pets and so both of these uh like like the ufo the pet will allow you to battle in its own game mode so you’ll have the pet battler mode this is a game mode. quite similar in its mechanics to things like axia infinity or even pokemon where you’ll be able to evolve your pets train them sort of feed them and equip items to them and send them off to do battle and so these are pvp um different modes that are part that are not core to the gameplay they’re not part of the main social deduction mode but they’re pillars of their own side parts of the metaverse and then so we also have the materials box this will be materials normally that are only produced by land but it’s a little bonus for people who are within our ecosystem and genesis just a bonus for the genesis mentors and the genesis season is that you’ll get access to materials you’ll also get a cosmetics chest which will be openable uh when we do our first cosmetics runs and see in a later season you’ll get access to the closed beta and then if you have a full set of items meaning. you have your pet your ufo you have all the things that you’ve gotten through through the genesis season you’ll be able to bundle them and create genesis land and so instead of giving people a piece of land for you know as a complete set you know reward we actually require them to bundle these items together so you’re in order to keep your land your must you must keep all these items and so the effect here is that land which starts producing materials for pets for ufos and for all of the metaverse land will always be something that you could get if you have the certain uh combination of genesis roadmap items so in in years from now you’ll always be able to access land if you have these items so the utility of this full set and the future of the metaverse go hand in hand so just because this meta just because this genesis season ends and we move on to the next season um and whatever there will always be an opportunity in the future for someone who wants to assemble their full set and claim a piece of land. and participate as a genesis landholder in the ecosystem this is a game theory and a gamification of the nfts that we have not seen yet or i have not seen yet in any other project and one of the reasons why we’re so excited um about why there’s a utility not just today not just to use in-game not just. to be a part of the genesis season but literally ongoing and these are things that we hope um set a new standard for nft rollouts for the type of utility and gamification of nfts and things that we’re quite proud of well flip this perfect and this is all to.

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