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is a good replacement for like a whatsapp or for texting but what about like google and gmail .i mean what do you want me to use aol or hotmail oh god no no no equally as bad you don’t want to use edge either edge is one of the worst offenders i would opt for something. like tutanota or protonmail there are a few caveats there though um for example if i’m using protonmail and . i send an email to you and you’re using gmail gmail has access to that email because i literally sent it to you and they have access to all of your emails they even sell that data they let third parties read your emails there’s all sorts of things that they do with that data so even though.ino’m protecting myself with protonmail it doesn’t help unless .i’m actually emailing someone else who also uses protonmail or who has you know available pgb key .in which case protonmail will encrypt we get into the weeds really quickly with this stuff so essentially you not only want to use protonmail .two to noted yourself but you want to encourage other people to use the same service as you .if you’re communicating securely but snowden actually said he doesn’t use email at all because it’s an inherently insecure protocol so even though something like protonmail or .protonmail is way better than gmail if you’re doing something that’s really sensitive then i would encourage you to not use email at all .i would encourage you to use signal and to get an encryption uh encrypted app just because there’s uh like the protocol itself .is just a lot more secure than the email protocol which was designed to just be like a plain text down in the open everyone can access this system um instead of using google search .i would recommend using brave search i used to recommend duckduckgo then recently unfortunately their ceo announced that like. i liked them for two reasons privacy they’re great with .i also liked them because they um they didn’t filter results what google does .is google shows you exactly what it thinks you want to see do what google wants you to see information and come to my own decisions and conclusions about things duckduckgo was something that was neutral like this and then they recently announced they’re going to start filtering results putting like check marks next to things saying like well this is misinformation this .is not i’m sure the heart is in the right place .i just don’t like other people making those decisions for me i’m gonna read stuff myself and decide for myself what . i think is misinformation based on the facts available so now .i actually recommend brave search as an alternative and brave browser instead of chrome .i would never use chrome because it’s just it’s a privacy nightmare it’s just uh yeah it’s just pretty terrible um and if you really want to go private you could use something like tall browser but that gets pretty heavy and it’s slow and it’s cumbersome and that’s really only .if you are like really really really really wanting to protect yourselves something like brave does a great job at stopping third parties from collecting your information and like tracking you across your web activity before we jump into crypto is there any other secrets tips tricks you can share with our audience about how to be private online .how to be private online well number one tip is just look for products that don’t collect your data and even better products that put that data out of their own reach um there are lots of things like .we’re probably all using google maps and it’s great but actually if you have an apple device apple maps is way more private .you can opt for that and they actually you know most of the stuff that’s happening the search queries that’s all happening on .your device itself any stuff that’s sent to the apple servers is being anonymized they have this process called fuzzing where they even when it sends out queries it sends out like a bunch of different identifiers . and a bunch of different queries to kind of model where exactly you’re going and 24 hours after that search has taken .place they actually swap it out for a less location specific place so they actually do a great job um not everyone has an apple device so if you don’t have an apple device you could explore something like osn and which .is an app that is based on openstreetmaps it’s basically like the wikipedia of maps it’s a community project where everyone sends in data they help build out these maps and you could use something like that .

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