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to you here in the video how to do it let’s continue here in groups and pall tells us our key user and information about my team currently a team is made up of this person there. is very little because I’m starting let’s wait for him to load there are now seven people level 16 level 2 and 1 level 3 and 2 companions who are already level 1 and are already earning money or vip and 1 but you will wonder what is that on the 12th what is he talking about is a rank that you get for creating your group and making people grow along with you and leading your team of profits ok here it tells you that you are going to have three free dollars 20 guys are in contact with me that I am the person who is making you enter this great platform and here in the link there are a number. of groups that you go to have to make a screenshot in your tasks that you are going to see and how you are going to do it and user and place your user there later on we are going to go to the group. to have a test of how people they are doing it and by sharing those three captured images in those three groups that are down here you are going to ask them to give you that three-dollar bonus and they are going to give it to you, I am going to make. it so that my superior leaders give you that bonus guys it’s very, very simple let’s now see the telegraaf groups well guys here we have the official group of universal media there are already 50,000 people when. I discovered this platform there were 34 thousand people gentlemen people are entering a lot they are doing their homework and that we see a person who has obtained the day and p2 is left can earn 900 dollars a month, crazy and how this person did it, getting 12 people from his team to arrive on day 1 guys and well, well,. it is very, very simple, but now that you have what to do to earn those three dollars those users to earn their three dollars its main capture and where you can see the tasks carried out which is the capture that all the cool tasks come out or nothing guys send those. two captu You go to the main group that the other two groups that are here in the description the only other one that you have to enter to claim your three dollars is this guy that is in the description the group that instructor you enter here and here are the steps for you to claim your 3 dollars guys it’s very simple here are all the steps all all the steps are here this time. I have here always send messages indicating all the steps for 21 and for the three dollar bonus you also have to enter this other group the group. is here that is here is in the description you still go to your capture for your bonus and also for when you are 21 you have to send all your captures and all the tests to these three groups that are. in the description but the one we need to make 21 that is very important guys the main thing is law but you will be able to charge this. it is very important that you learn it first you have to have a group of 30 people from TV great guys and then those 30 people you have a minimum of 10 people have to register on the platform then those people have to do the daily tasks you have to guide them you have to tell them every day to send screenshots to do all the tasks and to be active guys and to always be actively watching the videos and ccoo is very, very easy two things to be 21 and get about three dollars for free all the information the base sent from these three groups so you can have access and have your bonus for free guys ok let’s go back to the application now less is now my profile for you claim the daily tasks you have a channel here.

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