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it once the ball of hype got rolling they just dumped and sold all of their shares not only did these people exploit and abuse people’s belief in charitable work for personal gain some of them also as can be expected denied their involvement in this whole swindle and as a cherry on top of this evil cake soon after the founder of the coin abandoned the coin and ran away with the remaining funds the worst part. is that the majority of these influencers followers are young vulnerable easily manipulated people teens or even children this means that such a demographic substituted at least a substantial part. of save the kids coin buyers no wonder the voices are getting clearer and more stern about influencers being a literal danger to the younger generation’s psychological and financial well-being hopefully awareness will spread and such events will be less likely to take place but if there’s a lesson to be. learned the most obvious one would be don’t put your money in a virtual currency or cryptocurrency just because a youtuber or a tick tocker told you to do so knowledge and educating yourself must come first only then should you start investing in cryptocurrencies the internet can be a dark place and it’s hard to be absolutely 100 sure about the real intentions of these supposedly motivational good-wishing kid-saving internet celebs what’s more some of these people who get involved in such frauds already have a reputation of being a bit shady therefore a quick background check would never hurt and ultimately the essential truth is simple no one is going to make you rich just because they say so proposals. that include slogans like this can make all of us rich millionaires all of us or if we all work together and promote this coin are fishy to say the least such promises are nothing but red flags as the classic saying goes the only thing some people get for free is a. punch and remember sharing your private information or keys which allow you to access your virtual currency online or offline is never a good idea never unfortunately scammers don’t sleep and they always find new ways to deceive people so it’s important not to lose one’s focus the moment a mind becomes distracted is the moment the scammers are waiting for [Music] you

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