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the middle every day after 12 at night and good for you you can do the tasks you have to hit the mission button here let’s see what happens here here are the missions that. I have active and the missions that I have completed ok here we have all the missions that I have completed all of this remember that this is the capture that you are going to send in the group to have 23 dollars all your tasks that you are doing you also have to do this daily you also have to place the group that indicates the call that your tutor and there you are going to place it daily that means 21 only ask in that group and I’m going to help you directly,. I hope this one has more than tasks, how are we going to do it? The only thing is to click at the end and watch the video until the end or, in general , more than a minute, which are the YouTube views that count. text that are always short there you will not have problems I recommend that you session on your social networks so that you can always see the videos in a better way here on the computer it is a little easier or more to click here and he will not open a youtube video that because they are generated are always the same cosmetics pranks for girls are sometimes a playlist at least this. is a playlist wait for it to load and we can finish watching the advertising and the video p but this one comes with advertising we have to wait for it to finish and we are going to skip at then the video will start to roll it will start for more than a minute we are going to wait for the video to finish for at least a minute and we will return well I have already seen the video for more than a minute but hey guys this question after completing the task you will give. it completed and it will add to your balance the amount indicated here when you are a VIP and add zeros to 25 cents and we will one dollar a day plus the three they give us for free and if we start to love our group to reach 21 it will be very simple I have many people but three executives who have been paid and I base my first withdrawal right now together with you so you can see how it goes this time. I will send it to my three-what wallet for ok in text which is the same thing you click on it and a tick tock tab will open with the video to see here well on the computer I had so much trouble logging. in so he could see normal deo is always short they are always asian american videos that are people who pay universal media to have traffic on their videos this is an organic way that they get traffic that has already finished it too let’s give it back ok and who have. you completed once more and the balance has already been added to your balance 5 so now I am going to make my first withdrawal in the company of your people who are watching this video wanting to learn how to win to withdraw you are going to give here to the doll that is in the upper left part and well , I already have 17 dollars here, he is going to charge you two dollars for taxes, so to speak, 15 will come to me, I always have to give a few decimals because daily being 21 Aug 4 for 96 but if you have many VIP people and you cannot do daily and I think up to 7 or 8 dollars, which all depends on the number of people you have and the number of people who are 21 in your network, so if you want to learn how to do it, just write me on telegram and I am going to help you and enter the group it is there in the description I have a channel to be able to withdraw. you have to save the wallet of the 1320 network that I told you a while ago that you are not going to give them here a fund registration account here you are going to place your withdrawal address or sdt in the tron network and you have to place your trade password here but eating that it will place two equal keys so that you do not forget when you have it you are going to confirm it and. I am lying on one opportunity so now what I’m going to do is withdraw to throw it away they’re going to heal extraction and she was here my wallet basic oil the withdrawal lasts approximately a few minutes so it’s not the pd it’s because it goes through different stages here.


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