in other cases the scammers might trick others to send cryptocurrency to a compromised digital wallet thus essentially ending up with your assets being stolen from you in general these scams could be summed up into three different categories type number one scammers create fake coins and tokens because they want to get your precious private information to get access to people’s digital wallet or bank account if they succeed victims face a high risk of losing all their money or cryptocoins when. it comes to such scams it’s a bit easier to tell that they are fake because all of them basically have the same outline for the post tweets or emails it’s basically like the old-fashioned scam call. about your relative getting into a car accident but this time it takes form in the shape of crypto related stuff it’s important to take time in research and be surely aware of what is what and be attentive to details at the end of the day the differences can be subtle but absolutely essential type number two now these come with better camouflage and therefore being able to recognize them requires people to be more knowledgeable these scams mask themselves as companies such as travel agencies banks business investment groups and so on such scammers pay more attention to details they know that in order to be persuasive you have to. look persuasive they take time to write professional and real looking emails in order to get victims hooked but general knowledge. of the crypto market should work as a safety measure against such tactics the seductive exciting once in a lifetime offer of obtaining bitcoin with a three-click investment doesn’t look realistic anymore once you have the basic understanding of what such numbers mean and that money is never free type number three. as we level up we face stronger villains this type of scammer is the most ominous one because it can directly target and affect the most people during the shortest period of time the morally bankrupt influencers some have the audacity to stage their fake luxurious life others fake disorders or accidents just to get those 15 minutes. of fame others turn to krypto those who get involved in scamming their audiences usually use the so-called pump and dump scheme it’s a psychological manipulation-based technique that creates a short-term hype over a certain supposedly valuable crypto asset the fake hype spreads the belief that in order to get rich people have to buy a lot of coins at once so these people proclaim that they themselves invested a lot in a particular coin announce. it loudly to their followers wait till their fans start imitating them and buying as well and then they just sell everything they have while the coins value is increasing to sudden demand these influencers or celebs cash out leaving their followers with a newly acquired coin that’s soon to become worthless and unusable pump and dump schemes are a quick ticket to earning a lot of money in a very short time it’s important to stay sharp and never blindly follow anyone who invests more time in photoshopping their images than educating you about cryptocurrencies let’s take a look at one. of the more notorious influencer crypto scams not only was this scam conducted by high profile people with millions of followers but. it was conducted in a sinister manner the architects of the scheme knew how to hit the nerve of most people manipulate them through their attention to sensitive issues they used us saving children rhetoric to make the whole ordeal seem not only profitable but also ethically justifiable they created the save the kids coin a lot of big name influencers were involved big names such as rice gum sam pepper faze clan specifically phase k face jarvis and face nikan can be found in this case save the kids coin was created to raise money for a charity but in this case no kids were saved instead all the influencers involved just spent their time and platform to hype up the coin and get their followers buying into.


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