How to earn free beautiful site dog coin

I’m going to do the withdrawal from 17 so that they reach me 15 1 I will have a little more 15.50 I will withdraw nothing or give a lie no 17 excuse me 17 and here is my merchant password password that you are going to use to make the withdrawals and keep this stuff in your wallet etc. p But he commented that he placed them, it is the same as that confirmation will not be downloaded and a ready ticket will be generated and the ticket has been generated today, April 14, then he will go here to payment in progress and after completing the failure payment, he will not it has really happened to no one I have many people on this platform and they have not seen anyone who has failed their payment but well there may be some problem other ways you write the person to the leader and he will solve everything here we have in process to dictate. it only a few minutes but while this is processed I hope that the time to show it in the video this is sent by my wallet of three which then we are going to go here you can still send it to pods there is no problem we will see a little what is this platform the profile of the company always always always always it is very important that we have all this here look at all the information it is a North American company you can enter here you can see it they t They have a white paper in their group profile that they have released but I don’t have it at hand but here are all the features of the platform, everything, a whole menu of how you do the tasks, they are also integrated, they help you a lot here in the video instructions directly in the universal media profile account you can’t help yourself for how to do all and with you will see that this page there are many people inside you will realize when you enter the telegraaf group that is the world and basic is crazy really totally crazy let’s see if the withdrawal record has changed let’s see if processing has not changed yet it takes a while after leaving here in payment in progress and then completed and that’s it guys it’s very easy. it’s going to arrive 15 with 50 but then in the meantime I am editing the video similar to the chance that the status will change well guys I’m withdrawing it was not processed because I have to wait like an hour or so for other ways in the gr official type of universal media there are many people sharing their proof of payment here we have one of a person who has withdrawn twice in a week almost 30 dollars guys super crazy really guys this website is very good so I leave you all the steps here so you can enter and participate and remember. to do well one you have to make a group of people 10 people registered and at least 5 doing the tasks and send me to my group in the description all all all all if you choose register more publicity more of everything so if you’re doing it with ease you’re going to do super well so each one boy this has been all many people earning money for free to their pod is your wallet wherever so we’re not seeing until later.

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