How to earn free Shiba coin and free Shiba coin website

currency for example in usd dollars it equals to
87 now and if you wanted also in indian rubies

or in pakistani rubies or an egyptian bound
or in indonesian rubia or in turkish lira so

the fixed amount is 80 euros and it changes of
course depending on your country and depending

on the exchange rate right now so how to apply for
this visa vfs global is the office responsible of

processing and receiving applications for this
visa what you need to do is in this section you

need to choose your country where you are applying
from if you’re blind from india pakistan egypt or

whatever your country is and in this section you
need to select the country you are applying for if

you’re applying for austria or belarus bulgaria
canada or whatever this country is and after

choosing your selection click here take me to
the website once this page is open in front of

you click here book now and then once again click
book now and in the section you need to sign in

this website and to choose the place of the office
inside your country and the perfect time that you

need to submit all the documents for this visa
so what are the travel documents that you need

to prepare before applying for the visa speaking
about your passport your passport must be original

and it must not be older than 10 years with at
least six months of remaining validity and with

at least two blank visa pages for the stamps in
many cases you will need also a passport photocopy

it might be one copy or more than one and it’s
preferred to be colored and both database and

footage must be showing if separated in some
cases you might be required to photocopy every

single page of your passport but in general only
the data page and the future are the needed ones

speaking about the personal pictures you will
need at least two personal pictures sometimes

only one is needed other times three pictures are
needed but in general there are only two they must

be new not older than 6 months it should be clear
and show your full face and it is preferred to be

with white background and you should give
normal and neutral expressions no head or

face covering is acceptable except for religious
reasons speaking about the visa application form

in general cases you need only one copy of the
visa application form but sometimes you might be

required to submit two copies or even three visa
forms are different from a country to another in

general cases you should print it and fill it
manually but many countries now are providing

their application form in an online platform
so you can fill the application form online and

after that you can print it and sign it anyway
for the application form you just fill it as we

do in the video in most of the visa application
processes you will be required to provide a proof

of status for example if you are an employee you
will have to provide a letter from your employer

or from your hr department mentioning your name
your work detail and your salary and both address

and contact numbers should be mentioned also in
that letter and all letters must have an original

signature and a stamp but in case you are the
owner of the company or you run your own business

then your commercial registry and your tax card
must be presented but if you are a student in a

school or a college and enrollment later should
be provided from your university or your school

in some certain cases you might be applying from
a country different than your own country at that

moment you will need to provide a proof of a legal
status which is a certificate of legal residence

in this country and in some cases a valid
residence visa for this country can be also

accepted you will also need to provide a proof
of sufficient funds which is a bank statement

stating your balance for at least six
months the original bank statement must

show your name and should be signed and stamped
by the bank representatives and remember that cash

will not be accepted as a proof of fund you should
also provide a flight reservation it could be an

initial booking but in some minor cases you will
need to provide a confirmed booking and remember

that this flight reservation must include a return
ticket so let me show you a short tutorial in

how to book your flight and we will use this site alright starting with our site this

part is a little bit boring but we will see what
we can do first you have to select what type of

flight you want a return flight like two
ways going and returning or one-way flight

or multi-city and let me show you an option if
you would like to change the language you can

change it from here you can choose your language
you can choose your country you can choose your

currency whatever fits you all right so assuming
that you have for example a travel plan you’re

moving between different cities so you can
choose this multi-city option you can add

different cities here and you can adjust your
days date of arrival date of departure and you

can book all these tickets at once which is a
very great option but let’s just assume you’re

moving from only one city to another and you want
to have a return of flight going and turning back

so assuming you’re going from istanbul of
course you can choose whatever you want

if it’s in istanbul or surat or whatever airport
it is and returning what is your uh destination

where are you going you’re going to a delhi or
you’re going to a tibisi or or whatever georgia

sorry georgia typically and here you will have to
choose your departure date and here you’ll have

to choose your return date and here you have
to choose your cabin class are you going on

economy class premium economy business class first
class or what and you’re an adult okay you have

any children with you all right and here okay now
you can search flights once you click search flies

all the flies will appear in front of you you can
choose whatever flight you want you can go with

the best or the cheapest or the fastest but it’s
almost the same here but of course the price will 

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