How to earn free Shiba coin is very beautiful site can also withrawl

here that non-smoking rooms free wi-fi 24

hours front desk terrace and heating also


because sometimes the stumble gets very cold they

are also giving you here some selections like for


example bid in mail dormitory room and you can see

all the details here like okay air conditioning


free wi-fi shower toilet heating hair dryer and of

course if you want any other option like comfort


double or twin room or classic double or twin

room or standard travel room whatever you want


but let’s just go for the cheapest and select only

one bit you can select of course more than one bed


and they give you different things like free

cancellations and no prepayment needed you can pay


directly at that property so if you in case you

would like to cancel it they are giving you a


specific time and the specific date in that date

till that date you are free to you can cancel this


booking for free just click i will reserve once

you click i will reserve here you are filling


your details they are giving all that booking

details it is for four nights and this price is 35


dollars and here you will have to enter your

details all your details and within mail domain


rule okay you’ll have to give your full name and

if you have any special request or something and


also here give your arrival time so you have just

to review all these parts and in the end you will


click final details by clicking final details

you will review again all your details and you


will confirm your booking once your booking

is confirmed you will receive an email in your


email like that stating the checking details as

a checkout detail and the duration of the stays


a phone number and the address of the place and

all the details and this is the page that you will


have to print and take with you to the embassy

while applying for the visa many countries also


especially the schengen area countries require you

to provide a traveling insurance and you have to


be careful and to apply through the companies

that are accepted officially in these countries


for example in case for schengen area countries

there are some certain specifications for this


travel insurance like the insurance coverage must

be at least 30 000 euros and in general cases you


can apply for this insurance online now let’s slow

together as a travel insurance company those are


some travel insurance companies you can use any of

those websites to apply for the travel insurance


but since i know that travel insurance is a little

bit confusing for most of people i selected two


companies and we will see together how to apply

for travel insurance through those two companies


applying for travel insurance is quite confusing

for many people but here i selected the site


europe and let’s see how to apply

for travel insurance first you have to select your


main destination in europe which is i selected

france the starter date the end the date let’s


say you’re just staying for one month and you want

this insurance for a month and here you write your


date of birth then get a quota okay so now there

are two types of travel insurance the first one is


basic and it costs 19 19 euros per month and it

covers more than 60 000 euros which is required


because for travel insurance you have to apply

for something more than or equals to 30 thousand


orders so i will select this one and here

if you want to extend but just let’s keep


it like that for this basic one i will select it

over here and now i will have to fill my details


my the insured person my name and the policy

holder also if it is the same person though


the same also details my own details and important

statements just some statements and in the end


you will get to the payment so this travel

insurance which will cover more than 60 000 euros


for one month it’s just only 19 hours let’s

check another site which is axa which


is quite expensive site and here they give you

different periods like for schengen low uh coast


schengen europe travel shingen multi trap

get a quota okay so for the prices here okay


let’s first need to click get a quota over here

for the cheapest one okay and here they will ask


you that changing low cost they will ask you about

the start date and the end date of your travel so


my first date is this one all right 12 and my

last date let’s say will be 11th of april also


for one month and this one for 31 days and it’s a

little bit it’s not a little bit expensive it is


expensive and it covers only up to 30 000 euros

but you know the difference is sometimes about um


the rate of the company and uh also the categories

they are uh covering in that travel insurance but


here i’m just showing you how to choose how you

how to apply because this is because choosing


the category as options is something depending on

you but many people are just having some problems


what is the travel insurance how to apply through

the travel insurance so all these other details


i will leave to you i’m just showing you how to

apply through the site and what is the real cost


of the travel insurance by saying 30 southern

orders we don’t mean that you should have this


balance in your bank or to prove that you have

it because some people think so those who are


not really having experience with travel insurance

then here you click continue and after you click


continue you click here for the subscriptions

you will have to fill all your details and after


filling your details you will make your payment

and in the end you will get a confirmation of your


travel insurance and that’s how you allow



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