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hello friends how are you doing in the

video of today we will learn together


how to apply for visa for czech republic step

by step in this video we will be explaining


the visa policy of this country how to fill



for the visa all travel rules due to kuvid19

all the required documents that you will need


while applying and in the end we’ll ask you

a question that we will discuss together


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first let’s explain together the visa policy


map of the shingen area as a country of today is

a part of the schengen area so if you are a holder


of a passport belong to any country of the

schengen area if or if you are a holder of


a visa of any country in the schengen area you

have a free access to any country inside the


schengen area and also there are some countries

who can get access to schengen area without


visa for example countries of all the countries of

north america australia united arab emirates japan


korea malaysia and many countries uh in

thousands america all these countries


can get into the schingen area and stay there

for uh 90 days for the rest of the world speaking


about all african countries and almost all

asian countries all these countries must obtain


visa before traveling to the schengen area and

some of these countries like iran iraq ethiopia


somalia pakistan you will need both visas for

traveling to or to the schengen area or even


transiting inside the schengen area if we will

look together so basically this is the general


application form for a schengen visa let’s check

together this form you will have first to print it


and to start filling it manually here in this part

you’ll have to write your surname and here you’ll


write also your surname at birth your first name

whatever that data that you don’t know you don’t


have to fail the date of perth the place of perth

your country of perth your current nationality


or if you have any other nationality here you will

have to fail male or female your civil status if


you are single married regi

ster the partnership will have to write then as a parental authority is
fk in case if you are a minor or something and you

uh your legal guardian you will have to write
the surname and the first name of your legal

guardian if you are a minor and the full number
and the email address and the nationality also

here you will have to write your id
number from your national identification

number after that you will start with the type
of your travel document in general it will be

ordinary passport but you if you are a holder of
any other passport like diplomatic passport you

will have to write it and if you have any other
travel document you will have to be you will have

to specify here after that you will start with
the number of your travel documents the date of

issue and the expiry date also it’s valid until
which date and it is issued by which country

here if you have any personal data of the family
member who is in european union or a citizen there

you can have to you you have to write the surname
of that family member or first name of that

family member and uh the date and the date of
birth of such number or as a nationality of such

member and identification number of such member
but if you don’t have you don’t have to fill it

only fill it if you have a family member who is
in the european union then the family relationship

with an european union citizen if applicable so

uh separate it deforested whatever status is you

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