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you have to write it if uh applicable then you

will have to write your ad the applicant’s home
address and email address you will have trying

to write your own home address and your email
address and your phone number uh also uh okay

here we also you will have to write as a
residence in which uh country you are applying for

uh for their visa are you applying from your own
country or you are applying from other country

here uh you will have also to write your current
occupation what you are doing right now what kind

of job you are doing right now and here you will
have to give some information about your employer

the employer address the phone number and if you
are a student you will have to give the name and

the address of your educational establishment
if it was a school or a university here you give

the purpose of your journey are you traveling
for tourism for business visiting family

friends culture support whatever purpose as
you will have to fill it and here are some

additional information on purpose of stay you’ll
have to give those information also if you have

anything you would like to add you can just
write it right here and the member state of main

destination and other member state of destination
if applicable and member state of first entry also

you’ll have to write the name of such state here
as a number of entries requested do you want a

single entry two entries multiple entries and also
here this part for the finger prints have your

your fingerprints being collected previously for
the purpose of applying for a single visa you will

uh write yes or no depending uh depending on your
situation the entry permit for the final country

of destination where uh where applicable if it’s
applicable also to be issued by and valid from

that day to that day the surname and first name
of the inviting person if you have an inviting a

person you will have to write his surname or first
name if not applicable you will have to write the

name of the hotel as a hotel or the hostel or
your accommodation establishment where you will

be staying in the country in which hotel in which
place uh you will have also to give as a address

and the email address of the inviting person
or the head or the hotel or the temporary

accommodation and also you will have to give the
telephone number here also you will have to give

the name and address of uh the inviting company
and organization if applicable also because if you

are not invited by a company or organization you
don’t have to give any details about it and here

are the surname first name of uh of contact of
contact of per of any person from this company or

organization here you give also still phone number
of such person from such company or organization

cost of traveling and living during as applicant
stay is covered how are you going to cover

your own stay are you going to cover it by
yourself or by a sponsor if you are going to

cover it by yourself you have to check this post
and you have to write how by cash credit card or

which mean or if someone invited you a host or
company you will have to fill uh the mean of

support they will provide to you in the end you
will have to sign to read first this declaration

and after reading this declaration you will have
to write that place from where you are applying

and the date uh of your application or filling
this form and here you will have to write uh

your name and your signature or if you are a
minor your legal guardian will be signing this

in your behalf and we have checked
together how to fill this application form

step by step by yourself in order to download
the visa application form you can go to the visa

information section over here and choose the visa
type for example tourist visa and once you choose

tourist visa here from download the form you
can download all the visa forms from here easily

speaking about the schengen visa fees the fees are
80 0 rows for adult and for children between 6 to

12 years of age the fees are 40 euros and of
course you can transfer this amount to your localĀ 

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