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passive income ah yes every investor’s dream but it’s not quite as easy as falling asleep and waking up richer you have to understand how it works let’s discuss everything you need to know in order to earn up to 50 per day passive income with crypto masternodes and more importantly what you need to avoid this isn’t like crypto trading or meme coin investing it’s more similar to staking but with a few extra steps and some potential additional opportunity breaking this down staking is the process of locking.


up your cryptocurrency in a stake pool that helps facilitate transactions on a blockchain network with staking you’re essentially locking up your money to show that you have good intentions for the network you’re then paid staking rewards as a lottery in proportion to how much you’ve locked up this works extremely well because it’s simply too expensive for a bad actor to lock up their own money for scheming purposes masternodes take this concept to the next level now there’s a few variations of the idea but in general this is how it.


works a network will have a two-tier system the first tier does basic transactions through mining computers solving hash problems commit new blocks of transactions but then there’s a second tier on top of that master nodes these are people who state crypto and run some software on the computer to enable things like instant transactions voting and privacy transactions each time a masternode helps out with a service they get a portion of a mining block reward so even easier you can think of it like a small business a blockchain like dash is looking for contractors .



who can offer a few services masternodes provide those services for a fee now the question is how much does this actually pay but before we can talk profits we need to understand how to become a master node well first you need to stake the coins on the network again this is what proves that we have good intentions and can be trusted to process these precious transactions the return on investment is then determined by the amount of block rewards generated on that specific blockchain the return that you receive is totally dependent on the network a more popular network will have more action and pay more generally however rewards aren’t unlimited so the more nodes on the network mean a potentially .



lower return on investment but that’s not all bad because that also signifies stability so there’s a lot of pros and cons that need to be measured when looking at master nodes now the cost to set up a masternode also varies wildly from coin to coin if you want to operate a dash master node which is the most popular type you need one thousand dash and at over one hundred dollars per coin we’re talking one hundred thousand dollars just to get set up not feasible for most people and believe it or not this has actually gone down back in 2017 it was 1.6 million dollars to purchase one dash node but don’t worry.


there are other far far cheaper options before i cover a list of masternodes with high potential i need to show you the most important masternode do’s and don’ts because there are a lot of scams and just bad investments out there so first always check the development team and the overall reputation of the project are they doxxed do they have experience what can you find out about the team in my opinion this is an area where you want to focus on more established players also does the team actively work on the project can you see any updates on github or some other project management.



website if no that could be a red flag then check what does the social media look like we live in a world especially with crypto where social media is very important if they have no active presence they might as well be a dead project if they open a discord channel but aren’t interacting with the potential investors of their project it’s best to just go ahead and invest elsewhere then it’s crucial to consider comparison metrics this website will be your best friend here they tell you trading volume roi the price to get in and requirements for tons of different nodes the key is to find a node that balances the different quality so for example if we filter by minimum node.



cost we can see that there are options for as low as a couple dollars however many of them have near zero volume so they aren’t ideal or you can sort by return on investment but the highest results here generally have tiny market caps and you could be subject to a ton of volatility the last thing you want to do is buy a ton of one token start a node and then the price gets cut in half overnight i mean imagine those poor souls who held dash when it was over one thousand dollars a pop so take my advice here and only invest money in one of these that you can afford to lose now from here i recommend checking out the link in the description for i trust with i trust capital you can actually place your crypto in a roth retirement account what that means is you can buy sell and trade to your heart’s content and pay no capital gains on your wins this is amazing for traders.



with a roth you pay your tax upfront when putting money in the account and then at retirement you pay no tax once you start pulling out at age 59 and a half this is probably the most simple way to save on all capital gains i trust will be linked in the description and if you use that link to open an account you’ll receive 100 in bitcoin for free just for joining now something else that doesn’t get talked about enough is purpose you should ask yourself why does this coin exist creating a coin for the sake of it going up in price is not reason enough for it to succeed the developers need to have a reason and the project needs to solve a problem because you want to invest in something that has long term potential even if you’re investing for a short term you want it to be viable for the long term as well with thousands of crypto .




projects in the market several viable projects may be working on the same problem and that’s fine but just be sure to check out the competition there are thousands of potential projects you can learn a lot about this by checking out a project’s white paper now because i know this might be a bit overwhelming i made a full checklist of criteria to look out for with masternodes that will be available for free in the description below now let’s talk about some masternodes across the spectrum that are available right now of course none of this is financial advice first like anything in crypto you have your more high risk.



degenerate options here is dash diamonds not to be confused with dash which is a totally different team at current market prices dash d is one of the cheapest masternodes with a high roi but it’s important to remember that this can change and high return generally means more risk this is no exception to that rule to set up a dash d masternode you’d be looking at a minimum investment of about thirty six hundred dollars for the required seven thousand coins this node currently.



yields three hundred and thirty six percent annually which translates to a daily passive income of thirty dollars or just under one thousand dollars a month now of course this is still subject to a ton of volatility so please do your own research this is a high risk option and don’t worry if that’s a little too expensive for you we’ll have a cheaper solution in a minute but first we want to cover a more name brand option flux who claims to be the amazon web services player of the blockchain they help developers build and launch decentralized.



applications flux nodes are offered in three categories the stratus is very expensive at around 145 000 for a single node this pays roughly forty six dollars per day cumulus on the other hand costs around fifteen thousand dollars and pays five dollars a day so yeah that’s expensive unless your last name is like rothschild or something like that but if that’s the case you’re probably not watching this video let’s be honest the good news is there’s a workaround masternode pools these let you combine funds with other people to hit dollar requirements to be .


a master node then when the masternode receives a reward the reward is just split between the participants in the pool proportional to each member’s stake so if fifty percent of the pool’s money is your money you’ll receive fifty percent of the rewards an operator will typically run a pool and the software required for a small fee so you can just sit back and let those rewards roll in that juicy passive income this is very similar to a stake pool operator i actually have experience in this on the cardano network i’ll have information linked in the description on staking ada if you’re interested in that or how that process works something to double.



check when joining a pool is to see what access pool operators have with your funds i say this because there are hundreds of masternode projects and rules can change from project to project if you don’t want to worry about that you can use a service that does this for you but then there’s another type of node that’s been building popularity over the last year or so and that is node as a service this is basically paying a small fee for a company to run node infrastructure for you well you can earn money the most popular and sometimes controversial player here is strong block in order to run a masternode here you need 10.




strong tokens one masternode here earns about point one strong tokens per day or about twenty six dollars daily so less than six thousand dollars invested could yield fifty dollars daily but it’s important to note that this is always fluctuating also the exact return on investment depends on the amount that you have invested because ethereum gas fees the reason that this project is controversial is because under the current model new investors are needed to pay for existing ones leading people to think that this is kind of like a ponzi scheme with more steps and the thing is i could argue both that this is and isn’t a ponzi that’s kind of .



true for a lot of things in crypto but the bottom line is under the current model there are hints of ponzinis but the team is exploring ways to make the system more sustainable without needing new users which i think would be a great idea if they can figure that out either way people all over are making money with masternodes even tom holland not that one this one this not so well known tom makes fifteen thousand dollars a month from crypto in passive income the majority being from masternodes the biggest opportunity with masternodes will come to people who really understand the underlying tech but.



don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by all of this it’s it’s overwhelming it can pay good money sure but crypto is a big space there are plenty of more simple ways to earn passive income whether that be lending regular staking bots or a variety of different ways you can check out the video on screen for more passive income ideas also if you’d like to see exactly what i’m investing in check out the link in the description for my patreon there you’ll find all of my buy alerts free coaching every single day research and a whole lot more it’s an insane amount of value for only a few dollars a month i’d like to thank you so much for watching and i hope you have a profitable day

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