Meme coin | A quick comparison with Old gaints

Meme coin | A quick comparison with Old gaints

Hello friends, I am Ajay and today we are going to talk about the trend of any coin, that trend is going on in every project. And in today’s time the market is not able to show a lot of performance, so the trend which is going on in today’s date is going on in meme coin. There are many such coins which are giving very good performance whether it is Shiba coin or Dodge. And there are not some new projects which are showing very good performance at the moment, so today let’s talk about all of them and we will talk about some such aspect which is its market cap,


market value or total supply. Will do an analysis of all those things. After that we will find out the result and the conclusion, in which way should we proceed our trade at this time and where is the profit and where we have to book the profit, all these things are going to be covered in this video. We are going to cover a lot of things in this video, first we start with whatever meme coin is trending in the market at the moment. A lot of new meme coins are trending right now and old ones have started trending back. The market is still the same,



even Ethereum is not performing well and bitcoin is also down. Right now the whole market is in a negative sentiment but here meme coins are not accepted and are taking good trend. If money can be earned by investing in the trend that is going on here, then there is no harm in it. What we will talk about now, we will do a quick comparison to explain to you so that it is easy for you to make a decision and you can think that what you have to live more.


This is not any financial advice and today what we are going to talk about in this video will be only about meme coin. Please don’t skip this video. Because all the points are important, before giving any other decision, do your research and research because these trades are very risky. Now we start and take the first thing in the comparison which is dogecoin, there are many such things in it that you need to know.


Today we are going to cover things in much more detail. Doge, Shiba Inu, Baby Doge and a new coin that has entered the market is called Pulino. It is trending a lot in every single sector like gaming, NFT and many more. In today’s time, we are trying to tell you only those things which are going on in the trend at this time and if you want, you can also earn returns from it.


Here the first comparison that comes before us is that their capital means market capital. If we talk about Doge, Shiba, BabyDoge or Pulino The comparison here is in front of you and the other is their 24-hour volume, Dogecoin is in Billion, Shiba is also in Billion and if we talk about Baby Dose, it is in Million and Pulino then it is Thousands Because right now it is in the initial stage, the market cap of Pulino here and the volume of 24 hours is very low and at the moment at number one is Dogecoin. Next compare when this coin comes for public selling. Dogecoin was available for public sale in 2013,

followed by Shiba Inu and Baby Doge in 2020, and the last Pulino is available 3 months back. The oldest of these is Doge and the newest is Pulino and the rest are in the same sequence. Next we talk about Total Supply In Total Supply, you guys know that the supply of Dogecoin is unlimited. Dogecoin was actually created like the MEME coin. They made a joke coin by mixing things like bitcoin and ethereum.


The supply of Shiba Inu is 1 quadrillion and that of Baby Doge is 420 quadrillion. Although some burns have also been said but for now this is the supply. At the same time, the last token is named Pulino, its supply is 100 million. The lowest supply that comes is Pulino which is very less. Now let’s talk about all these projects, what is their all-time high? And let’s talk about how down it is with that all-time brother, then first of all talk about Dogecoin. Right now its price is 0.14 cents and here this all time brother has gone to 0.73 cents. It’s currently down 80% from all-time highs Its all-time high is 0.00046 and it is 69% below all-time high Next we talk about babydoge, right now we are comparing those who are the top performing coins of this time.


The price of baby dolls here is 60% down from its all-time high. Next token is Pulino its current price is running 0.1 cents and its all time brother who went was 0.14 cents. Right now it is down 22% from the all-time high, now let’s talk about what updates have come in all these coins in the recent past. Due to which there has been some good improvement in their performance. If we talk about Dogecoin. What is the update now, Twitter has updated it as a tipping. This is a minor update, but small updates keep coming in it from time to time and talking about a few months ago, it has got a lot of acceptance and one of the best things that is associated with it is its dose Father Elon Musk.



He is now preparing to buy Twitter, Next let’s talk Shiba Inu’s can is listed on Robinhood. Along with that, he is going to bring a project named Shebameta in the metaverse. Shiba Inu is rolling out updates from time to time and if we talk about Babydoge, it is now also available on Ethereum’s blockchain along with Binance Smart Chain. Next, talk about Pulino, a lot of new updates have come with this because this is a new project, it is bound to come with many new updates right now, the first report that has come is Certik positive report.



ext their exchange listing process has started and it is going to come on which is a very good global exchange. After coming on the exchange, it can get a very good height, next their NFT market which was announced is going to go live tonight and their gaming has also gone live, you can play both in Android and iOS. And if you want to know about this in detail while playing games, then tell me in the comment, then maybe in the next video tell you how to earn money while playing games.


This is a game just like Temple Run, so all these things are coming as updates. Now let’s move on to the Conclusion Friends, these are all meme coins, if you have to invest some money in this and if your profit is there then you have to take exit immediately. And you can leave some money because in the coming time these points are going to show good performance because now all of them have started hype and when their actual time comes then it will go up a lot. Your main principal coin will definitely be in your portfolio and this meme coin will take them forward.

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