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Apparently, the Federal Reserve is finallycoming to terms with the fact that CBDCs arethe future.I’ve told you guys more than one that prettysoon the US government will have it’s eyeson the CBDCs and now it’s actually happening.You know what that means for XRP, right?Big things are coming our way and it’s about
time.We should now be preparing our wallets forthe next crypto bullish trend and XRP wilbe at the top.Guys, with all the inflation happening aroundus, you need to start thinking of a solutiothat won’t decrease the value of your cash.

As we speak, any amount of cash you mighthave sitting around in the bank is losingup to 8% value.That’s insane.Stick around to the end and I’ll show youhow to protect yourself.I’ll also highlight some of the clues thatare lingering around on the internet and you probably missed them.So, hold on to your buns because it’s lift
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A recent tweet by Kate Rooney states that Tether wants to further reduce the holdingcommercial debt and it’s also about to face questions on what this currency is actually backed by.That’s a huge red flag.Hold upAre you guys still holding your cash in fiat?I mean, with all the issues this crypto faces,you are still buying Tether?Okay, is it me or do you guys live under arock?Let’s be honest, Tether is not the cryptofor us and probably wasn’t even meant tobe the bridge currency between crypto andfiat.Guys, I do think Tether is about to fallAnd unfortunately, since we do have TetherXRP pairs, XRP will also fall slightly.The same thing will happen to all cryptosincluding the hailed false crypto king, Bitcoin.




But XRP will survive the storm.You know why?Regulation clarity!XRP is the first crypto in the whole cryptomarket that will get a clear regulation clarity.This tweet from Digital Asset investor madeperfect sense and I thought it’s worth sharing.A time will come when this crypto will onlyremain for retailers or accredited investors.Probably the reason why the SEC decided togo for them.But in more than one occasion, I’ve statedthat there’s a bigger game being playedhere behind the scenes.One that even you might not know about.That’s why I keep saying, the future isXRP and all you have to do is believe in thefacts I present.



The news and other platforms will likely coveryour eyes from seeing the truth and that’the gameOnce this crypto starts to moon, it will likelybe too late for you to make retirement profits.What do I mean by retirement profits?Making so much money that you’ll never havto work ever again.And the truth is finally exposed.Stefan points out at an article that givesus the best word to be used when talking aboutwhat the SEC is doing in court.I mean, now everything is black and white.Nobody ever said this word until now.The SEC might be showing corrupt behaviorand that’s what will lead to settlementor end of this lawsuit.Guys, it’s finally time for this lawsuitto end.The SEC has been called out for their actions.



And that’s not all!Another article also points out on the samethat the SEC knowingly overlooked Hinman’sbehavior.We are now at the end game guys.I told you this before, the SEC should’vesettled when the time was right for them.Now, all that will happen is that they’llend up embarrassing themselves in front of the whole nation.The whole world will see the true colors ofthis regulatory bodyI don’t know why they didn’t settled.If they did, they could’ve saved their nameand reputation but now.All cards are on the table.If the SEC continue pursuing this lawsuit,they will likely find themselves in a pickle.And finally, the SEC will be forced to settle to save the government from the embarrassment.




That’s exactly why I’m bullish on the XRP.Yes sure this currency has dropped significantlyafter the lawsuit but that was a planned attacon the crypto.If it were any other cryptocurrency, it would’ve
barely made it.Thanks to XRP’s fan base and Ripple, thiscrypto is slowly rising from the ashes.Now it’s all a matter of how bad does theregulatory body want to continue fightingRipple?If they keep pushing, then that’s the end this bodyThat’s because, every crypto that the regulatorybody is eyeing are now checking what is happening with Ripple.And when the lawsuit is finally over, I doubtthis body will ever have the guts to mountany case against the other altcoins.



Soon enough, XRP will be even more powerfulthan the whole crypto market combines.When that happens, we expect that this coinwill remain in the hands of the retailersand they could possibly buy the current XRPsin the market at a high price.So, now is the perfect time to stock up onyour XRP.But what if Gary and his team shorted XRP?That’s the reason why they don’t carebout what happens next.They probably made a lot of money from thiscurrencies price drop that now they don’teven care.I mean, how don’t they see what the whole world is seeing? Gary and his team are being exposed yet they still keep pursuing this crypto?



That’s something I’ll never understand.Anyway, XRP is the best anti-inflation currencyou can purchase at the moment. XRP got rejected on the 1W MA50 (blue trend-line) for the second time in two months. Basically, it has been trading below the 1 MA50 for the whole year. At the same time it has been trading under the bearish pressure of the Lower Highs trend-linesince the April 2021 High. This is not unfamiliar territory for XRP asevery single Cycle it traded, has formed Lower Highs.Based on the past two Cycles, there are two scenarios that arise: a) If the 1W MA200 (orange trend-line) and mainly the Higher Lows zone hold, then as in 2016,



a Channel (Green) should lead the price above the 1W MA50 again and ultimately to a new rally. b) If the 1W MA200 (orange trend-line) and mainly the Higher Lows zone break, then as in 2019, the price should make one final Lower Low and form the market bottom there.Based on the 1W RSI sequence, it appears that as the Lower Highs broke (dashed line on the RSI area), it looks more like the bottom formations of both late 2016/early 2017 and early 2020. As for the expected target? In our view it will be around the 2.5 historic ibonacci extension at $6.70. The bearish bias we mentioned yesterday for Bitcoin based on the SPX relation remains active.



The Altcoins will remain shaky but still within higher lows until they resume to hit new highs compared to the recent bullish wave.I hope this information can help you with your planning and your trades.As always, trade safely guys! Please keep in mind, We are not a license financial advisor.All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only.
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