How To Change Snapchat Username 2023/2022

How To Change Snapchat Username 2023/2022

                                                       1st step

today you’re going to learn a couple ways to get round to changing your snapchat username so before the video starts I just want to quickly shout out our a VPN .i





                                       2nd step

personally use on my phone so private Internet access allows you to truly browse the internet anonymously and safely it does all this while blocking out structures and malware encrypts your Wi-Fi connection with unlimited bandwidth and it does this without storing any traffic logs see what’s really anonymous also gives.





3rd step

you the option to browse the internet from 33 different countries or from your device at once and use it on five different devices simultaneously so all you need to do is click on the link below download VPN for your current device and get started so before you start to dislike the video .



 4th step

I just want to say that there is no possible way in order to delete your snapchat username but there’s still hundreds of thousands people searching for how to do it every single month so the best alternative would be to change your display name because that’s what people will be seen anyway you could also delete your account and create a new owner .



5th step

who wanted to so the first thing you need to do is go to snapchat and click on your icon in the top left hand corner what you want to do then is just click on your display name I can go ahead and change it from here now if you do have any questions about this you can always go to the snapchat support and you can access.


6th step

this diet in the app by click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner scrolling down to where it says support and click on help center now here at the Help Center this is going to give you all the answers to your questions that you can type in in box there you can also click on my account security and also access.



7th step

information from here if you do want to know how to delete your snapchat account I will leave a video on the screen now and you click on that so if this video is helpful please leave a like and pass on someone who may find helpful as well if you have any..



8th step

questions comments just leave comment below and i reply to you as soon as possible so thank you so much for watching and have a good day

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