How to change your location on Instagram? | Instagram VPN tutorial

How to change your location on Instagram? | Instagram VPN tutorial

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instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms but in some countries you may have no chance of even skimming through it without knowing how to change your location on instagram hey john here from vpn pro and today i will show you.


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how to change instagram location so that you can access it from anywhere in the world with a vpn this is possible [Music] now that russia blocks instagram social media platforms are getting less accessible to their citizens but the instagram russia ban is not an exception plenty of other countries have similar restrictions so.

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it’s important that you know how to change locations on instagram there are even companies or organizations that restrict instagram country-wide bans are not the only thing to look out for by changing your instagram location online with a vpn you would be able to bypass any restrictions and get your access back be it instagram or any other social platform .


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now more than ever having access to various sources of information can be decisive in avoiding propaganda and censorship now i’m going to explain how to change instagram locations with a vpn first there are a couple of things you have to do in your instagram account .


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if you already have one and you want to keep it start by going to the security settings of your account in there the login activity menu is the one you need what you have to do here is delete or log out from all the current logins to your account at this point you will be logged out from instagram automatically if not log out yourself second step is best illustrated with this vpn instagram.


6th step

tutorial i have surfshark installed here but any other reliable one will do the process is almost identical what you want to do here is run the vpn app and straight up switch to the server you need most vpn providers have the server tab on the main page to any location outside of the restricted region i will choose the uk.

7th step

server just for the sake of the experiment the good thing about servchark and other best vpn providers is that you don’t need to pay to make sure they work for you surfshark has a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee and if you decide to purchase i have my best current deals in the description so just please take a look so after connecting to a different server reopen instagram and log in you should be able to access it.


8th step

without issues of course that’s only if you had an account previously if you are starting anew the first step is unnecessary just connect to the vpn server and create a new account granted there is always a chance that you won’t be able to change instagram country on the first try don’t worry i have tips that may help first and foremost check if your vpn connection is active and instagram country change is successful you can do that by.


9th step

checking your original ip and comparing it to the one you have with the vpn the websites like what’s my ip can help with that secondly make sure to clear cache and cookies of your browser before retrying your connection they could be revealing that you used a vpn to change location on instagram thirdly there should be a chance that your gps location is interfering with the login process in that case servchark has gps spoofing on android so you can enable this feature .

10th step

and try again if not disabling the gps location or removing the location permission from the instagram app should be able to do the trick finally if you are using a free vpn i’m sad to report that i’ve tested a lot of them and they generally can’t change.


11th step

instagram country reliably i only really managed to access it with the atlas vpn’s free version so you may give that a try as well if you still have problems and can’t change your country on instagram most vpn providers have 24 7 live support and in my experience they help a lot with connection problems .


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and i try to help you with various vpn tutorials as well so if you are interested in seeing more leave a like and subscribe to get notified about new videos so to summarize if instagram is banning your country or organization you can use a vpn instagram restrictions.

13th step

are easy to bypass with one of those the process is simple and even if you run into problems they can be fixed nowadays you need as many sources of information as you can get so don’t hesitate to use a vpn to access instagram hope this video was helpful and if you have any further questions on how to change your location on instagram or topic suggestions our comments section below is always open i’ll see you on the next one [Music]

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