How to Grow your Crypto Investments using Pillow Fund App | Earn Free Bitcoin

How to Grow your Crypto Investments using Pillow Fund App | Earn Free Bitcoin


1st step

the very first step of making money in  crypto is to buy when it is low and then to   hold until you can be able to sell when  it is high this helps you to make a dollar   value increment on your crypto asset investment  .


2nd step

now before you can be able to cash out   usually your money is just there on  your wallet and not earning anything   for you this is what this video aims to solve i  will introduce you to an app where you can be able   to earn interest on your crypto asset investment  your btc your if .


3rd step

and even your stable coin the   app is called pillow check the first link in the  description below let’s get those credits rolling pillow is a digital asset management app that  actually gives you an interest on your usdt   or your usdc your btc and your e without the  hassles of having to know how decentralized   .

4th step

finance or defy works at the moment of the  recording of this video for your stable coins   you can get up to 17.8 percent per annum and  then for the btc and eth they’re getting 7.05   in order for you to make investment returns in  your crypto journey you will need to know defy but   .

5th step 

the process of getting to learn how to transform  money to your meta mask and then finding good d5   platforms for many people is a huge hustle  but then pillow comes in and does all this  .

6th step

back end for you and at the end of the day you get  the benefits on the front end so it’s very simple   for you to be able to start earning on your  crypto asset investment what you will do is   on whateve

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