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welcome back to cryptos or us i’m george we’re all george so good morning start a new week hopefully you had a good easter sunday but the new week does start and there’s a lot to talk about especially this this phenomenon of bitcoin versus the dxy which is kind of like the dollar and how they’re inversed well i will tell you guys exactly


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what it means and we should worry about it and of course let’s look at what’s going on around the world u.s markets about to open so let’s get to it smash it a like subscribe to the channel three streams almost every day make sure you hit that notification bell follow me on social media including the new cryptozeros clips channel


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i’ve been building that out make sure you subscribe to it and also check out all the latest news articles and guides at good morning welcome welcome welcome man i’m feeling i’m feeling tired um all right well anyways look at bitcoin we had a little bit of a dip last night all of a sudden right no rhyme or reason


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or is there but today we are seeing bitcoin come up let’s see if we can get right back up above this 39 eight which would be positive because this is a channel that bitcoin’s been stuck in for a little bit but still being within would be very positive um i did see last night we had a whole bunch of liquidations right that probably contributed


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i mean every time bitcoin dips significantly there’s enough hundreds of millions of liquidations always happens and yeah when bitcoin fell down last night you could see another 100 200 million liquidated and it’s just that you know if you like losing money then you go go ahead and throw a 50 or 100x leverage


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but if you don’t stop doing that because not only do you wreck yourself but it hurts the entire market as well uh us market perfect timing about to open actually not so bad last night nasdaq was down minus 100 plus almost one percent and it’s about to open about even maybe even turn green today so let’s see

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what happens uh i think the markets actually turn because of bank of america bank of america and uh by the way i want to say shout out to tim thomas who is the new george of this channel welcome um bank america saves the day or i don’t know that’s appropriate but they did they did release uh their their earnings which actually came out positive in fact what’s surprising is most of the banks


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that released their earnings last week were all positive the only thing is yes there’s going to be some write-offs because of what’s happening with russia but they’re all increasing their reserves so that’s something that we need to pay attention to because almost all of them think that


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we’re gonna have some economic slowdown at the very least and maybe even go into recession later this year so they’re building a war chest bank of america is building up to 362 million jp morgan is building up to 902 million overalls a billion right but they did report great earnings so shows banks are still quite healthy um but as for building a reserve for recession and economic slowdown we have to wait

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