crypto news daily crypto news free earn btc crypto

crypto news daily crypto news free earn btc crypto

1st step

see right yesterday last night cover about powell and basically everyone has priced in that he’s going to be raising basis points by uh or raising rates by 50 basis points coming next month right just try to stop or slow down inflation some people think that inflation that has reached the ceiling and then next month when they release this month numbers


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and it won’t go up as high if that’s the case that’s very positive for the market right but some people think it’s going to continue to go and then that’s of course means that paul has to continue to be more aggressive right so yeah not quite sure not quite sure where the market is going to go right now but we’re seeing a little pump and of course that’s the george pump every time i stream bitcoin seems to go up so that’s positive um the markets yeah turning green too so the markets are experiencing george pump too so that’s



3rd step

also positive uh what else is there well let’s talk about the us dollar okay we know the us dollar is gaining strength mostly because other currencies are losing strength yes the u.s has printed trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars which has devalued it tremendously over the last two years however there



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are other countries that did the same thing and made things even worse so the dxy is the dollar versus a bucket of currencies from around the world that’s what the dxy is okay it’s not just the dollar it’s versus currencies of other other countries and it seems to be getting stronger but we’re getting to a point where there’s usually a reversal where the dxy the strength actually starts coming down


5th step

and i’ve heard of people uh comparing bitcoin to the dxy and here’s a good a good chart that shows how back in 2017 the dxy was very very high it was above 100 it was like 110 right and when it started collapsing well guess what that was in the middle or the near end of the bull market in 2017 when bitcoin shot up is that a coincidence maybe or maybe it did contribute to it but we know that you know in 2017 bitcoin was already


6th step

on the way up right you can see bitcoin was up even though dxy was on the up so i’m not so sure that it was the whole reason as some people are pointing out to be and same thing with back in 2020 you could see dxy did go down and then bitcoin go up to 64 000. okay that looks that looks about right however uh dxy did form a bottom and started going up and bitcoin still recovered from 28 000 to 69 000 so the dxy did not contribute to bitcoin’s rise right so this notion how bitcoin


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is following the dxy in the opposite direction it works sometimes other times it doesn’t work right but if it does work what’s interesting is yeah the xy is hovering right around 100 right now and usually above 100 is when it takes a correction it starts going downwards and if it’s going downwards and it is true that bitcoin follows the inverse direction of the dxy right because people are taking their us dollars and putting it into something else as it’s getting weaker right it could definitely

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