free earn usdt in website free withdrawal proof check it free usdt in free

free earn usdt in website free withdrawal proof check it free usdt in free



1st step 

platform you bought your btc or your  e all you just need to do is transfer that money   to the pillow up where immediately you put in the  money you start earning interest on the next day   on my app itself i keep on checking every single  day there are times that i have already started   getting .




2nd step

it’s pretty simple and i’ll show you a  little lat


er in this video how to be able to s


tart   on the app. how does pillow make its money pillow  makes its money from the extra returns on top of   the 17.8 percent that they are giving to  you if you go on other platforms.


3rd step


you’ll find   that the rate of returns is much lower and you are  getting a mix of the great returns that are in d5   but have a high risk and the low returns that  would be from a centralized exchange so you are   meeting in the middle where you can be able to  enjoy the great returns from d5 as well as the   security of a centralized exchange however pillow  is not an exchange.



4th step

it’s just a saving up for you   what we’ll do next is look at how can we be able  to deposit our btc to the app and see


how simple   the process is here we are on the up self and it’s  pretty simple so what i’ll just do here is at the   top it shows you your portfolio holdings at the  moment.


5th step

it tells you the return till date and   your portfolio value is subject to fluctuations  based on the underlying token prices that’s normal   and then you have a crypto deposit or bank  deposit so what we’ll start with is crypto deposit   so you’ll click on crypto deposit and then it  tells you choose which token you want to deposit  .


6th step 

so you can either do usdc or usdt you can do if or  btc so what we’ll do first is usd and then it asks   you to select your preferred token either usdc  or usdt in our case we’ll actually choose usdt   and then please select your preferred  network so this will be guided as well   by whichever exchange you’re using is much cheaper  than erc .


7th step

so i’ll choose bep because it has a lower   transfer amount and then it has actually  placed all the details that i will need so   usdt bp20 and then it tells you send funds only  via the network that you select this is to ensure   that you send your money to the right place that’s  really important then there’s a qr code which

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