How To Earn USDT For Free – Earn Free USDT Tether – USDT Earning Site – Earn USDT Without Investment

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1st step

mount of btc  and ethereum that you have this is a perfect place   to do it because even though the dollar amount  of btc when you are holding maybe going down   the amount of btc that you have will be going up  so say you have one btc invested at the start of   the year you’ll have seven percent of a btc 0.07  btc at the end of the year just by saving on the   app itself another cool thing that

2nd step

i found on the  app is any single time i make a deposit onto the   app i get what are known as feathers and that was  something that i really liked on the app itself so   once you get this feathers which are like tokens  you can actually change them to usdt or usdc so


3rd step

i’ll actually show you that right now so at the  bottom the third that looks like the pillow app   itself that’s what i’ll click on and then it tells  me the current feathers that i have i have 162   and then it also tells me the different benefits  that are there when i have 10 000 feathers 25   000 and 100 000 that’s


4th step 

what we can check for 10  000 we will get a silver gift box that contains   or electronics or exclusive merchandise so right  now we haven’t yet gotten to 10 000 but what i can   do is i can click on redeem so once i click  on redeem and i have 162 what i’ll actually   do is just half


5th step

of it and the amount you have in  feathers you can actually redeem for one percent   into actual dollars so that’s what i’ll do redeem  for usdc then it asks me are you sure you want to   redeem it for usdc i’ll say redeem and it’s pretty  simple the feathers have been redeemed and then   when i go to my returns the returns are have  just gone up because i have turned my feathers


6th step

that were rewards into usdc one thing that gives  me peace of mind with the pillow up is the fact   that the funds that are on the app are secured  by bitco they have about a hundred million fund   it dollars that they have secured the funds  that you place onto the app so if you want to   get your own pillow up account the first link in  the description below

7th step

will guide you to the pillow   up you will need an exclusive invitation code  which i have now placed on the screen this is what   you will put in so that you can actually download  your app the more you keep on saving on the up the   more money that you will continue to make as you  keep on investing in crypto please make sure that   you’re earning some interest on your btc your eth  and your stable coins i’ll see you in the next one

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