How To Earn Usdt For Free – Free Usdt Earning EBSITE

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1st step

if   you have another device you just scan this qr code  or you can do now the pillow usdt address your   usdt address that’s what you click on the right  here to copy and then you can actually use this   on the other side so now we want to send money to  our pillow address go to the crypto exchange where .

2nd step

i’ll be sending money from and then i’ll click  on withdraw so once i’ve clicked on withdraw i’ll   click on usdt thati want to send send via crypto  network and then i’ll input the address there and   then make sure that it is bep20 it will charge 0.8  usdt once i’ve done that i’ll just click on marks   and click on withdrawal


3rd step

so once this is done i’ll  actually be able to see it on my pillow wallet   your funds are now in your pillow account and as  you can see it has updated the portfolio holdings   the next way of funding this account we’ve  checked at crypto deposit the next is bank   deposit so that’s what i’ll click on now click on  bank deposit and then it tells me usdx eath case   and btc


4th step

so in our case now because it is pillow  case so you can actually be able to sleep and   wake up to the highest returns on crypto that’s  what they say so click on btc and now we will be   able to use a card to be able to deposit straight  into pillow up so here we are you have buy btc   and by default it just puts 300 usd worth  and then summary gives you a quote every   10 seconds the btc price

5th step

then how many btc  you will get and then we’ll click on view fees   so the processing fee is as low as  2.97 usd and the network fee is 0.17 and the total that you’ll have spent is 300 so  what we’ll do is we want to do a deposit here   and then i’ll click on continue so what it will do  now is it sends a verification code to your email  .

6th step 

which you actually enter here once you’ve input  this it takes you to moonpay which is the service   providerand that they use since i’m already  on moonpay this is what you will see is the   card you will need to put in a card then put  in the card security code the summary is there   the fees you we’ve actually seen it will charge 12  and then the network fee of 0.17 and you’ll say i   agree to the terms of use and authorize won’t  pay to debit my payment method the card

7th step 

that i   use i’ll actually place it in the description  below so that you can actually be able to use   that and that’s a simple way on how to be  able to fund your pillow account if you   input a hundred thousand dollars at the end  of the year you’ll have an extra almost 18 000   in your account what i am going to use the pillow  up for is when we get into a bear market and you   want to actually keep on growing the and completed next aritical

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