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hello beautiful people welcome to switzerland i hope you’re having an amazing day it’s so amazing here i love it here we’re going to jump into the charts for bitcoin i’m going to show you what i think is going to happen to the markets look at these mountains and this small village in the mountains amazing i’m gonna jump into the charts for bitcoin still not looking good in my opinion 33k but we’re going to see on the technicals the thing is down here it becomes dangerous to start to wait i what i’m going to do is start laddering into bitcoin i still think we can go to 29 even worse case maybe 20k but the thing is as soon as it touches down there people are really going to just pile in so you’re going to have a crazy spike up even back to 40k 50k it would be insane once it gets to a point where everyone thinks now bitcoin is too cheap and they start piling in so it’s actually dangerous to just try to catch that exact moment better to start laddering in all coins i still think have more to drop crv is something that i’m liking to pick up

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because the value of it is actual real it’s one billion dollar market cap but it has 20 billion dollars locked inside its protocol a lot of the other projects they’re not really maybe they’re building maybe they but they don’t really have that big valuation yet but we’re going to look at bitcoin i’m going to look at the total market cap of all cryptos and i’m going to look at crv hit the subscribe button join 74 000 people smash up thumbs up button i’ve been investing for 20 years i started um technical analysis at 14 years old i’m a multi-millionaire i’m a i’m venture capitalist so i vc and invest in a lot of big crypto projects i’m a founder of a crypto project mcrt which i’m going to show you some of the new drawables it’s a play to earn game play to earn industries 300 billion dollars gaming industries 300 billion dollars a year and that’s going to move into crypto and that’s why i’m making this platoon game it’s going to be a bridge for new money transfer of wealth and it’s going to start coming from plato and is going to be massive there’s 3 billion gamers in the world 200 million people using crypto so it’s going to be a big um it’s kind of that’s what’s going to make crypto really mainstream let’s jump into the technicals for bitcoin now we’re going into the technicals um straight into bitcoin on the daily we had this was good these two candles the last two days even though they were massive drops we had these big spikes these kind of weeks down but big recoveries right on this day we went down to 35 big recovery on this day we came to a low of 35 200 and then big recovery that’s actually a good sign i closed my short yesterday if you followed my video why because that means we’re getting support here it’s coming down but wicking back up on the daily stochastic is very oversold but still trying to head down but it’s getting very oversold macd is also oversold and crossing i need to add back the rsi indicator which i’ll do in the next video on the daily we’re way below the ema ribbon so it’s oversold bitcoin usually it should come back towards the ema ribbons at 33 900 we have massive support and what i think is going to happen is i think we’re going to touch this and have this big wick back and that’s going to cause a triple bottom formation and that’s actually a bottoming sign um but at the moment there is still two massive supports thirty three thousand nine hundred and thirty one thousand again the thing is if you try to catch this 31 000 maybe it even comes lower even to 19 but the problem is as soon as it touches here people are going to go okay now bitcoin is cheap at some point.


everyone’s going to put in their minds that this is too cheap for bitcoin and they’re going to start piling in all their money and that’s when i expect a big rebound vpvr we don’t have much support down here the next big support area is 33 and 34 000. crypto gurubot is still showing a sell it hasn’t fired a buy bitcoin indicator bot did fire a buy recently if i had a buy on the daily you can see here it hasn’t fired a cell again so that’s something interesting the super trend seems to be starting it’s still dropping it’s still a cell area um and on that’s on the daily let’s go into the four hourly four hourly stochastic oversold turning to head up macd oversaw trying to cross interesting the only thing is volume is dropping so on the weekend i think we could have one big final drop at 33 900 i’m going to start buying a lot of bitcoin and at 31 000 that’s what i’m going to pile in millions of dollars if it can get down there crypto group still firing a cell bitcoin indicator but fire buy it down here on the four hourly which is interesting i was short here but it’s too dangerous to be short in my opinion again at one point everyone’s gonna go bitcoin is too cheap and start piling in millions of dollars and that’s the point that you want to already have bitcoin so i think these two targets 33 900 i’m gonna add and thirty one thousand i don’t think it even can get to twenty nine thousand it is possible because the stock market got hit so badly and tech stocks getting wiped out facebook down 50 or 60 percent um apple download quite a bit uh tesla down huge amount 40 or something like this so that’s why i think bitcoin has the potential to come down to this 30 000 area but again once it goes too cheap in people’s minds it’s just going to be like okay.

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bitcoin is cheap pile in millions and millions of dead all many people around the world’s money they’re going to be like okay now i’ve got the chance they they waited for bitcoin at 70 000 they were like oh i can’t buy it it’s too expensive at some point it’s going to flip in people’s minds now bitcoin is too cheap and that same thing that happened when we had that big drop from 70k is going to happen but on the reverse upwards so again that’s when i want to already be having bitcoin so you could try to catch the bottom but i’m going to start laddering in soon 33 000 31 000 if it drops down lower that’s when i’m going to really pile in but already at 33 31 that’s when i want to start adding into bitcoin positions i would actually go long here with very low leverage as well because you could go big long here and not have a very low liquidation price you can’t do multiple x though you could only do maybe four times or five times leverage um and then at this point your support your stop loss will be below these support areas below 29k 27600 is a super safe bet but then i could take a mega long to go back to all-time highs for bitcoin for the long-term trade and that gives an amazing risk to reward ratio trade you’re risking 8 200 to make 33 000 a 4.1 ratio but that wayi can pile into a lot of bitcoin um to open trades if you want to trade the main exchange i’m using to buy bitcoin all coins is by bit down below in the description and ping comment so if you go underneath this video on your phone in the description and the ping comment you can see the video and then on your phone down below smash up the thumbs up button let’s get thousands of likes hit the subscribe button join 74 000 people click the join button to see my live trades you get notified live when i buy stocks when i buy bitcoin.when i buy all coins you get live notifications by clicking join on your phone through youtube and buy a bit trading so this is the link this is the exchange that i use bitcoin trading on buy but you get a sign up bonus of 4 100 us dollars when you sign up to buy bit and start trading you need to deposit bitcoin to get the bonus and not vpn for any restrictions and to learn everything i do technical analysis what crypto markets are how to trade my mentalities about crypto you can take the crypto master course i have more than 6 000 students taking my courses and you can follow me on twitter instagram there’s thousands many people there um on those exchanges over on baby on those social networks i have 202 almost 203 000 us dollars and it’s nearly all cash it’s 176 it’s all cash almost i have no buy bit long or shorts open and i’ve got all cash so i’m getting ready to start buying up bitcoin here i’m going to set orders now so i can set and forget so i’m going to buy one bitcoin at 33 900 i’m going to set orders for him now these are limit orders so now if bitcoin comes to 33 900 it’s gonna buy one bitcoin i’m going to buy one bitcoin at 31 000 31 000 if it can get that low maybe.


it goes even lower but i’m going to buy one bitcoin down there i’m going to buy a bitcoin at 29 000 if it can go that low so i’m setting orders that’s three bitcoin so i’ve got a bitcoin of three three different orders set i’m going to also buy one at 30 i’ll buy another one at 31 33 000 if it gets that low because i think they’ll just be a big bounce back anyway so i buy two bitcoin at 33 900 so i’ve got now two bitcoin buying at thirty three thousand nine hundred one bitcoin buying twenty nine thousand one bitcoin buying at thirty one thousand i’m going to buy another one at twenty nine thousand because if it does spike down there people would just pile in and i’ll get a big rebound anyway buy bitcoin so those are my orders set i’m going to buy one two three four five bitcoin at those order prices i set those orders on by bit again if you want to use that exchange underneath the video down below um you can see the link to buy that you get a four thousand one hundred dollar sign up bonus when you sign up to buy bit that’s my theories let’s look at what’s going to happen to the um ethereum next and see what that is telling us i also really like crv and bnb bit is also something i really like good opportunity buy them when bitcoin comes down ethereum did break that main trend line so the next target for ethereum is 2 400 and it does look like it is going to come down there it looks like we could be having a big drop though so any buyers on ethereum it looks like we really look how the ema’s are turning down and with the way the stock market is acting we could actually go in a big recession so i’m going to remove that order 30 this order at 33 900 i’ll make it half a bitcoin just to buy it and sell the bounce thirty three thousand nine hundred uh sorry thirty nine thirty three thousand nine hundred that would just i’m gonna buy half a bitcoin just to buy it and sell the bounce because the way the market is at the moment it doesn’t like it can really pull back and then i’m just going to buy it expecting bounces but at some point i’m trying to catch um add a lot to my position and i’ll convert millions this is just one of my accounts with two hundred thousand two hundred and three thousand i have millions on the sidelines in us dollars usdt if you follow my videos i sold most of my positions in november um i still hold a lot of all coins because i’m a venture capitalist so they’re vesting over the years magic craft i haven’t sold any but it does look like the market ethereum is going to pull back to 2460. that’s an excellent time a place to be buying ethereum as well


i’m also going to set an alert i teach you how to do this in the crypto course so i’ve got an alert set it will alert me when it gets down there i’m also going to set alerts for bitcoin at those main positions so i’m going to set an alert here at 33 900 add alert i’m going to add an alert here at 31 000 and i don’t think it’s possible to go down that low but if it does go lower another support would be here at the 29 000 but again as soon as it touches there there’s going to be a big bounce back even if it goes much below later at that point there’ll be just a huge buying pressure so again trading on buybit signup bonus 4100 that’s what i’m doing in the markets everyone let’s see what pictures my my team sent me my team is more than 100 people um this is me uh this was today looking at some ponies in the mountains subscribing to this channel is the best decision of my life james aka nostradamus technical analysis this is one of the characters coming to life this was the 2d drawing of the character for magic craft and this is the 3d creation of this character it looks epic very cool looking mage hey james i see a lot of haters here please keep making videos don’t let them put you down we need you in the crypto community all the love thank you alex um this is magic craft some of the characters from magic craft coming to the 2d drawings coming to life epic designs by the studios this is the magic some of the magic craft team the smart contract developers there’s more than 100 of us now and that’s beautiful this is a nice design from the magic craft log 33 000 subscribers on twitter now which is amazing white mega whitelist campaign for the magicraft nft genesis collection um make sure you pay attention to that you can go to to follow what’s happening thank you for watching everyone that’s what i think is happening in the crypto markets had some updates on magic craft hit the subscribe button join 74 000 people smash up thumbs up button this is james from crypto guru and i’ll see you all again tomorrow


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