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Elon Musk News About Twitter 

Since elon musk’s takeover of twitter he is been a high target of the left vilified as something from a threat to democracy to AN egoist ANd her own tucker carlson whereas he foreseen the liberal media would shortly decision musk a racist it does not even build any sense and as a result of it does not able to} be sure ar|you’re} observation a meltdown and after all at the lowest of the meltdown is usually constant charge he is a racist await the big apple times piece telling you elon musk may be a racist right therefore he aforementioned that sort of a month agone that is|and that’s} precisely what happened it did not take long the big apple times with this headline yesterday elon musk left a African country that was rife with info and white privilege nailed it tucker and {also the} paper also tweeting elon musk grew up in elite white communities in African country detached from social policy’s atrocities and encircled by anti-black info he sees his takeover of twitter as a free speech win however in his youth didn’t suffer the results of info um it’s sure charles quite plain grasp|you recognize} i i saw this yesterday and that i tweeted i i will bleep out one a part of the tweet i will share it with you.

Elon Musk News

This is often the foremost despicable i’ve seen all day and a coffee even from the big apple times it is time to prevent this race-baiting crap it is the anticipation of decision {making|deciding} one by the quote content of their character you recognize simply|you only|you simply} cannot have it each ways in {which} i am therefore sick it it’s simply square measure} square measure} they’ve all day long somebody’s a racist thereforemeone’s simply you recognize what i am blessed my youngsters have mature up with black privilege as a result of i’ve worked my ass off within the niceest country within the world you cannot choose wherever you {are} born yea you cannot choose your oldsters however they are they are smearing him anyway bottom line they are smearing him and and and it’s simply supernumerary however tucker was right they’ve taken each single spherical attainable to damage this man and by the method he knew they might do that that is why i would love him he knew they we have a tendency tore planning to {do it|roll within the hay|love|make out|make love|sleep with|get laid|have sex|know|be intimate|have intercourse|have it away|have it off|screw|fuck|jazz|eff|hump|lie with|bed|have a go at it|bang|get it on|bonk|copulate|mate|pair|couple} he knew they were planning to do all of those things and he is making him look stupid each single day each single day he’s mimosa bush this is often what they are doing tho’ they reached intent on his relatives they reached intent on former classmates they reach intent on you recognize i keep in mind former lycee lecturers in my case this is what they are doing to anyone WHO becomes they consider a threat to the left agenda or a logo of the proper elon musk not someone on the proper he is just an ideologic enigma however he is a threat right well it is the playbook it is the listing that {they had|they’d}|they’d} the story as tucker noted they had the story written before they had the facts or lacked there up my favorite are a number of these former schoolmates WHO were were black and are black and that they were like American state yea no we were friends.

elon musk news

he was great then there is not one shred of proof to support this narrative however they are golf stroke it out there anyway as a result of they need to as a result of their most popular narrative is underneath threat as a result of if elon musk returns twitter to the free speech place that it ought to be to the city sq. that he needs it to be that’s dangerous for business for the heritage media then they have to attack it whereas they still have an opportunity i know you are going to travel round the couch however let’s be honest this boils all the way down to material possession president trump back on on the platform one hundred and bottom you recognize was ironic that trump saved the heritage media the big apple times goes out of business look what happened why is twitter purchasable within the 1st place uh you recognize once he got out of workplace twitter stock was seventy usd and it’s gone straight down since then all of those president trump saved the heritage media that is the irony and he may need even been ready to save cnn and [Laughter] emily sager and groin uh remarking some some specialized points from the big apple times piece i’d say he aforementioned uh that the big apple times itself points out that elon musk had non-white friends growing up in social policy African country his own father was anti-apartheid politician he virtually left so he did not have to serve in the apartheid military this is often from the piece wherever the headline does not mirror that right and you recognize this this goes into the identity politics that is extremely furthered by the left which is that as you noted it will matter apparently wherever you are from you are ne’er ne’er able to untangle yourself from a state of affairs that you just are then the identity of wherever you are from rather than learning from your expertises or forming your own opinion um i had the honor of living for a touch whereas in urban center i lived in goodwood i worked in kailicha Associate in Nursingd social policy African nation is i mean that’s will|which will|that may} ne’er be overdone in terms of the horrors Associate in Nursingd the oppression folks|that folks|that individuals} encountered thereunder and post-extraction or post-dismantling of that of social policy.

elon musk

that was a troublesome place and therefore the reality that as he identified there that elon musk’s father was a was an activist against it that he had interracial relationships those that is that’s terribly important as a result of once ar} beneath those regimes once ar} within the post shadow of these things it’s arduous that stuff is baked in stone for many years right therefore|then|so|and then} i believe that square measure} not giving him the advantage of} the doubt that World Health Organization would apprehend additional the appreciation for gratis speech and diversity of thought and equality of humans within their opinions than somebody World Health Organization grew up in social policy African nation and witnessed the regime modification then emigrated here and selected to dedicate it himself to an philosophic uh freedom of thought freedom of speech no one would apprehend over him and nevertheless he is being vilified that is an amazing purpose um simply} created particularly given your personal experience and alex massey citing the actual fact that his father did speak up during this approach it suggests that elon musk was a progressive for his time while not question and i am just very affected by what’s up for dialogue lately we tend to’ve already run through the institution fathers are racist america isn’t a rustic to be pleased with it is a systemically racist country that’s evil and currently we tend to finally hit free speech is racist that is what this piece is regarding it’s it’s about elon musk was white and grew up in social policy.

elon musk

African nation so he did not very see that free speech and info can be dangerous for minority communities once very free speech is that the curative to racism it provides a voice to the voiceless however we sleep in a time once people very are softer in their safe areas and that they price that additional than freedom of speech yea it’s very unhappy i believe you hit the nail in the head free speech is currently racist World Health Organization would have thought here’s wherever we’d be in 2022. i visited brian kilmeade i would like you to try to to Maine a favor i would like you to click to purchase the fox news youtube page this is often thusle} approach that i do know for positive that you are not aiming to miss any nice statement any nice news bites any nice interviews returning your approach on fox you’ll be able to compass all here on youtube so subscribe straight away

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