Insaf Sehat Card Registration 2022

All program related information for Sehat Sahulat program in Pakistan insaf sehat card apply 2022.

The Qaumi Sehat Card (QSC) is a universal health insurance plan provided by the Government of Pakistan for the citizens of pakistan Insaf sehat card 2022.

Under the secheme, all Punjab citizens receive free medical care in the hospital with insaf sehat card 2022 no financial obligation.

In order to enable citizens to receive their QSC,Insaf Sehat Card 2022 a very simple registration process has been developed via an application called “Qaumi Sehat Card and Insaf Sehat Card 2022”.

Online Apply

The app was developed by the Punjab Government’s Department of Medical Education and Professional Healthcare with the help of the Insaf Sehat Card 2022 and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Insaf Sehat Card 2022.

Through Insaf sehat card 2022 Citizens with QSC and/or CNIC cards can get free medical care in many public and private hospitals

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